As you would have heard me say, money is simply energy.

It’s a currency of lifeforce that is moving constantly between hands, from person to person all around the world.

It provides us with options, choices & in some ways freedom – its energy has the ability to expand us beyond our wildest imaginations, whilst its duality also illuminates the fact it also has the ability to tear down.

There is an abundance of it in the world, so how does it seemingly only flow towards some people & not others?

Why does it serve so many for the greater good, and others for all the bad it can do?

Over many years, I have learnt that to call in more money – I have to tap into the spiritual realm and energy of who I am & not even think twice about the money.

I’ve also learnt that our relationship with money is a direct relationship with our selves and generally how we are vibing with the rest of the world.

You were born with a birthright of abundance.

On a soulful level you were born whole & complete – nothing missing.

A completely abundant lifeforce – self sufficient, full of energy & ability – an integrated being.

Now, what if you feel triggered when you hear the word money?

Simply put, I believe you’ve forgotten who you truly are – for whatever reason

So, one way I’ve learnt how to connect more deeply back to the core & truth of who I am is through a daily meditation practice.

The most abundant blessing we are born with is the gift of our breath.

So… Remember to breathe!

Our breath is our golden thread to life.
And we all want more gold right?

On the note of meditation, did you know I have been behind the scenes completing my Moksha Meditation Teacher Training with Living Peace Yoga?

Why? Well, this is actually linked to my own inner healing.

I wanted to heal myself, to do the inner work, as life has thrown me quite the health curve ball this past 6 months.

Having meditated for many years, I also wanted to dedicate myself to this practice at a deeper level as I always feel so much more expansive & abundant in ways I never have words for after I’ve meditated.

I also thought that perhaps the world & the people in it may benefit from the benefits of this ancient wisdom, so heal thyself & then teach this onto others, allowing those around me to also find ways on how they too can heal.

Meditation is the state when the mind is so clear, so calm and so still, that the higher planes are revealed.

Meditation is the state that sees the veil lifted, the curtain drawn and the darkness removed – unveiling our true nature.

It is a stillness that allows focus, awareness and inner peace.

The breath has the ability to change the physiology of our body, to bring us into the present moment and into a more peaceful state.

Meditation induces a heightened state of awareness and focused attention.

By doing this daily, you will find increasing self awareness by focusing on the present moment.

You will feel more calm and less stressed.

You will increase your imagination and creativity

Since money can often be a common trigger of stress – meditation can assist to reduce that stress and in turn, see things from a different perspective and tap into the state of peacefulness.

Because meditation increases your self awareness and focus, this in turn opens you up to more money making energy.

It allows you to clear your mind and make better financial decisions.

With your new profound self awareness and intuition kicking in and preventing you from making bad financial decisions.

Meditating is about being in the present moment, and it’s always in this moment where your true soul lies.

Giving yourself the space and time to sit peacefully allows you to see clearly the steps to move forward.

When practiced over a long time, meditation not only has an impactful effect on your overall mood and happiness but your mindset as well.

You are in a state where you can begin to reprogram your unconscious mind and limiting belief system.

Studies have proven meditation creates happiness.

And where happiness lies, abundance lies.

So remember to breathe!

It keeps us alive… it’s our life force.

By connecting to our breath, we invite the union of the body and the mind.

It is from this place we can truly live our best life!

When we reach these states of peace, we will always have enough for all that we need to live the life we were born to live.


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