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This is a personal invitation from Michele to join her online for 11 weeks for a deep dive into learning various techniques that are known to lead to the practice of meditation.

If you are new to meditation and looking to explore this ancient wisdom for your own personal practice or are familiar with it and simply looking to join on a group focused meditation with other fellow yogi’s, then please join Michele on Tuesday evenings at 7pm for 11 weeks starting on the 13th July.

As you may have seen, Michele has been behind the scenes studying her Moksha Meditation Teacher Training with her spiritual teacher Hanuman Das from Living Peace Yoga in Toronto, NSW (Australia). She is still studying this and hasn’t graduated, but has felt called to share what she is learning as she goes.

One of Michele’s beliefs is that when you learn something of value, you must then take action and do something with it, then integrate it into your life in some way, then find a way to pay it forward and teach it.

So, she thought why wait?! She is opening this to in anyone feeling called to explore meditation, for her to teach some of the techniques in the hope that together we may find more peace, clarity and calm. And its during these uncertain times that we refer back to the Yogic term ‘Satsang”Sat’ meaning true and ‘sang’ meaning ‘community’ – together – true community – so this is about about bringing people together, learning and exploring with Michele while she is also learning and exploring her teaching, being able to access more inner peace, bring more calm and concentration and focus to our inner worlds.

And well, this is actually linked to Michele’s own inner healing.

“I want to continue to heal myself, to do the inner work, as some of you know, life has most certainly thrown me quite the health curve ball this past 6 months, and these techniques are guiding me through the noise of it all. Building an inner strength and healing. Having meditated for many years, I also wanted to dedicate myself to this practice at a deeper level as I always feel so much more expansive & abundant in ways I never have words for after I’ve meditated.I also thought that perhaps the world & the people in it may benefit from the benefits of this ancient wisdom, so heal thyself & then teach this onto others, allowing those around me to also find ways on how they too can heal.”

Meditation is the state when the mind is so clear, so calm and so still, that the higher planes are revealed.

Meditation is the state that sees the veil lifted, the curtain drawn and the darkness removed – unveiling our true nature.

It is a stillness that allows focus, awareness and inner peace.

The breath has the ability to change the physiology of our body, to bring us into the present moment and into a more peaceful state.

The practice of meditation has been really helpful for Michele’s recovery and health journey – bringing her inner healing and a deeper connection to her own innate wisdom.

This series is for anyone who has been curious about starting a meditation practice, or anyone looking to keep developing and mastering the techniques.

With lockdowns continuing to be a part of our everyday worlds, now is your opportunity to experience meditation from your own home and not have to wait.

Allow Michele to guide you through a 30-45 minute practice each week, inviting you to move gently, breathe and take a journey to knowing yourself a little more deeply.In full transparency, again, please be aware that Michele is still a student herself whilst she is studying her Teacher Training and is planning to have graduated her Level 1 Training in September.

Therefore, there is no fixed price for these sessions, you simply decide what you would like to contribute to these classes by way of donation.

All proceeds from these classes will be donated to a cause close to Michele’s heart as she works with One Heart Global currently working to keep an orphanage of children in Ecuador housed as we raise funds to build them a new home.

The dates for each session:

Tuesday, 13th July @ 7pm

Tuesday, 20th July @ 7pm

Tuesday, 27th July @ 7pm

Tuesday, 3rd August @ 7pm

Tuesday, 10th August @ 7pm

Tuesday, 17th August @ 7pm

Tuesday, 24th August @ 7pm

Tuesday, 31st August @ 7pm

Tuesday, 7th September @ 7pm

Tuesday, 14th September @ 7pm

Tuesday, 21st September @ 7pm

If you’re feeling called to this invitation to join Michele, then please register and she will look forward to seeing you join her on your mat or meditation chair or cushion of choice.

More information on this will follow before we commence so stay tuned.


In loving awareness

Michele & The LYBL – Live Your Best Life Team

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