It’s time for us to reveal our LYBL ‘Wheel of Life’ re-design & re-Launch!

The concept of self-study and self-inquiry is something that I’ve been accustomed to most of my life & I’m extremely grateful that my Dad introduced me to this world as a way of life in my early teenage years.

I’ve mostly done this through the lens of traditional personal development and growth modalities until more recently my deeper journey into the ancient wisdom and tradition of yoga.

Traditional personal growth and development spaces, tools and resources have most certainly equipped me with the ability to identify who I am & how I am showing up in the world, however yoga, has guided me more efficiently to understand who I am & who I am ultimately being.

Having been in business now for over 14 years, one thing that I know for sure is that as I personally continue to evolve, so does my business, and subsequently all we offer here at LYBL.

You’ll often hear me say…’what runs in the leader of the business, runs in the business’.

Therefore, it only makes sense that as I evolve, so too does my business and all that we can be for those blazing their own best life trail within our community.

Just as we all have a soul, so too does any business.

It too likes to grow & feel like it’s making a difference in the world as it moves ahead!

When we think of the word ‘evolution’ it’s easy to relate to times spent at school, sat in science class, where we learnt about change within the biological populations over millions of years for adaptation and survival.

However, as I’ve embarked more and more on the journey of my own evolution, I’ve realised I’ve invested less time looking outward for the answers and have found myself studying myself more consistently and predominantly through the lens of yoga & personal development & growth that is centred around more subtle ways of living & being.

By doing this, I have come to realise that the meaning of evolution runs so much deeper than what we were exposed to in science class!

As a race of human beings, we do have the ability to evolve through the choices we make and the intentions we set, which in itself is such a gift within our human experience.

I have also realised that once something speaks to your heart, you can’t unlearn it, so it must find a way to join you on your overall journey hence why I’m thrilled today to re-birth & re-launch the LYBL Wheel of Life with you all with the yogic Kosha’s being honoured & respected for the role that they play in our lives.

Moving from gross to subtle.

  1. BODY – Physical or food sheath known as Annamaya kosha
  2. SPIRIT – Phsyiological or energy sheath known as Pranamaya kosha
  3. MIND – Psychological or the mind sheath known as Manomaya kosha
  4. WISDOM – Discernment or knowledge sheath known as Vijnanamaya kosha
  5. BLISS – Bliss sheath known as Anandamaya kosha

For the purpose of our upgraded wheel, we have focused on the first three kosha’s that represent the BODY, SPIRIT & MIND because when you keep peeling away the layers you will continue to move towards wisdom & bliss, and they are less about the tangible elements of learning & creating & more about acceptance & being.

In the past we have taught this exercise to focus more on the gross areas of your life & how it relates to the ‘Wheel of Life’ without refining and bringing it back to the finer more subtle ways of being & to perhaps connect these dots.

Therefore, in order to honour all that you are, it was time for an upgrade!

Doing this will enable you to connect all that you are doing to all that you are being, bringing with it an even deeper level of conscious awareness of yourself & who you be in the world.

To understand how these relate to the current eight areas of the LYBL Wheel is reflected in the NEWLY revised & revamped LYBL Wheel of Life below.

I believe most of us truly desire to live a fulfilled & content life, one with more peace, more depth, more meaning & a life deeply rooted in all that we are passionate about. I also believe that on some level we all want to feel like we’re contributing, adding value & making a difference in some way, in our own way.

Most of us however have been conditioned to experience life in other ways that we truly don’t want.

Either because someone else told us it was right, or because they expect it form us.

So, I trust by bringing more awareness to these five Kosha’s & how the first three relate to our life that it will ignite a new spark of what living your best life means within you & to you. And that this renewed LYBL flame will be full of new learnings, personal growth and development for you to find your own way through life.

To empower you & your life & in its truest form and expression.

As we do the work we are always transcending through these layers, from the lower self (gross), to the highest (subtle).

We are involved in all that we do, but we become unattached to any outcome.

Whether in ‘good’ times or ‘bad’, in good health or facing death, we remain steady.

This is not to say we are living a life not being fully expressed, in fact, it’s quite the opposite.

We become fully present to our life, engaged in all we’re doing & being, whilst at the same time becoming less attached & less judgemental to all we are experiencing.

More consciously aware.

The art of observation therefore provides a tool we can use as a way to access our inner landscape, hence why reflecting upon your own wheel of life is so incredibly valuable.  

All the works presented to us therefore become opportunities to serve with more love.

It becomes a source of our unconditional love, eternal happiness and inner harmony.

When the mind is liberated, we understand what our ‘real identity’ is.

It’s our divine being…

Which is exactly the reason we knew it was time to upgrade our wheel so that you can be all that you were born to be.

Living your best life, means all of you…including your divine being J



PS: If you’ve never been a part of our ‘Wheel of Life’ activities/exercises before, please send us an email or private message for either a private call or group workshop we’re together we embark on a journey of your own self-discovery mission – or DM me.

PPS: As you move further into 2021 how are you going with your intentions, goals & identifying what will make this year your best year yet? We recently created the Divine Vision Statement tool for members of our community wanting to know how I do this each year. If you’d like a copy of this, download it here!

PPPS: If there is anything at all we can do to further support you on your own Best Life mission then please simply hit reply & let us know how we are to support you with one mission – Living Your Best Life.

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