To some of us right now, the world appears to be in a mess.

Lots of us are feeling a bit lost.

Work-wise, to some, it’s all getting a bit existential.

Lots of big questions are flying around.

What do we do now?

What’s the new thing?

What’s the way forward?

Who has the answers?

People are waiting for someone to just tell them what to do. To make things worse, in business, all our metrics and monitoring seem out of whack.

They look back to a world that no longer exists, and currently look a bit irrelevant moving forwards.

We’re on a hamster wheel that’s seemingly speeding up.

People appear exhausted, and are panicking.

We’re looking for quick fixes.

We’re adding layers of complexity to systems and structures that are outdated and built on sand.

We need to strip back.

We need simplicity.

We need to remember who we are, not just as organisations, but as people.

The only thing that’s certain is that the future is uncertain.

So how do we thrive in uncertainty?

When if you ask me…what’s truly changed?

Hasn’t life always been uncertain?

Nothing is guaranteed as we appear to want it to be. And it never has been…

So I’m finding myself curious about what makes the current world we live in any different to the norm?

It’s just a little more amped up than usual.

Now believe me, I love a good ol’ strategy, it’s something that fuels me to always learn and improve. To execute to a high level of outcome based philosophies that drive results. However, right now, I believe we need to stop looking at tactics and start looking at root causes, at the fundamentals.

We need to stop rearranging deckchairs on the Titanic.

The future of your business lies with people and culture, not products and channels.

The future lies with individual and collective humanity, but many of us have forgotten how to be human when we get to work.It appears to have been replaced with process.

Now, don’t get me wrong, every business needs to channel their empowered people on a mission through a structure for it to be sustainable, scale and grow.

But the endeavour of the human being and the human endeavour needs to be honoured more now than ever.

This is the conversation I’m having with some of the largest organisations and their teams that I have the honour to consult with and coach, as well as the local business owners, 3 doors away from my house.

This issue is everywhere. It’s not isolated, although so many of us are.

How do we look beyond the systems and processes that are drowning us?

How do we recalibrate and focus on what we truly are?

Where we’re headed as a collective with a vision and a mission beyond ourselves?

A collective of humans driving change, that all have a role to play.

How do we enable humans to be brilliant?

Academia and research is important, but maybe shouldn’t be the starting point.

Not for this.

Not for now.

We’ve lost our soul a bit.

It’s still there…


It’s still there, but it’s hidden under spreadsheets, guidelines and back-to-back ZOOM meetings.


Let that be the starting point for decision making.

How we interact as a team, and as an organisation will define and guide how we communicate externally.

We’ve got to remember who we are, and what binds us, along with what incredible potential we have collectively.

Acts of doing business and comms have become overly complicated, and seemingly appear really cold and calculated.

We have technique and a measurement for everything.

I’m not saying they’re not useful, but when they replace being human, we’ve got a problem.

This font brings in a better ROI.

This colour Facebook banner yields a better response rate.

Things like this have taken priority over what is our purpose?

What is our truth?

How do we collectively transform society?

How do we communicate authentically with other humans?

Do we really need another workshop to tell us that a handwritten card in the mail is an innovation?

In 2021 this isn’t an innovation, but it is a symptom of how human based decisions have been taken out of communicating.

Is this how you think when you email a friend?

Or when you try to make your partner laugh at dinner?



Not unless you’re hosting Christmas in July and want the placemats matching, for your guests to have an incredible unconscious experience.

Where they feel seen and heard.


Let’s stop acting like institutions.

Let’s start with people and culture.

It’s the most powerful building block you have.

Let’s remember, and celebrate how to be human at work.

Let’s find our soul.The rest can wait.

And interestingly, as we focus more intently on these areas of business, our businesses will grow beyond our wildest endeavours.

Because, it’s the people who always make the biggest difference to all that we do. Put humanity before profit, and allow the collective to unfurl their magic & you will yield some of the greatest returns there are, not only in profit, but also in supporting the endeavours of incredible people.

The greatest asset of any business. (Thanks to Wayne Murray for striking up parts of this conversation that inspired the rest to arise within me)

#LYBL #businessmonth #bemorehuman #humanitybeforeprofit

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