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Michele Jones

Do you believe that life is just a series of events that simply happen to us, bouncing us around on this little blue planet with wild and careless abandon? And if that’s the case, that living a happy life (or an unfulfilled one) is just the luck of the draw?

If you’ve made it to this page, I’m guessing you already realise that you have more power over your life than you think. Sure, life can sometimes feel a bit like you’re being tossed around in a bouncy castle… but you do have control over where and how you bounce.

I first realised this when I was 15.

My life was in turmoil. I had recently told my family about the sexual abuse I had endured for the past 12 years, and my family started to fall apart around me. I was spiralling.

My Dad sent me to a weeklong personal development seminar called ‘The Greatness in You’… and it changed the trajectory my life was on. Not because of some cosmic woo-woo, but because I decided to take control and change it myself.

The course showed me the way forward. I gained insights that connected me with my innate power to choose my own thoughts and behaviour. I realised I couldn’t control everything that happened to me… but I sure as hell could control my reaction to it and the meaning I chose to give it.

It was then that the first little seed of ‘Live Your Best Life’ was born… I started writing the phrase after signing my name, and quickly became known for it among my friends and family. My first tag line!

Michele JonesThe next years of my life were filled with accomplishments I’m incredibly proud of.
Due to my empowered new attitude, I found myself in situations where I was the nurturer, educator and the inspirer. Driven by my desire to create great things with other people at my school and in my community, I was elected as both Youth Alderman and later the Youth Mayor for Lake Macquarie City Council.

I accomplished a lot within my local community in those years, which led me to being awarded with Young Australian of the year in both 1988 & 1989.

These amazing experiences cemented my belief that anything in life is possible.

And they prepared me for what was to come – a long and successful career in the sales and marketing industry as an educator and trainer (for almost 25 years in fact).

Yet, eventually I came to a place where even though I loved what I did, something was missing.

I was overweight, disillusioned and tired from 80 hour work weeks, in a frightening amount of debt, and in a relationship that was totally wrong for me.

I was lonely and depressed… I felt like I was sinking.

So I made a decision that would change my life forever… I decided to seek help from a coach.

What started out as a journey for fertility and weight loss turned out to be so much more. It was the turning point of me stepping back into a place of personal power and beginning to reinvent myself. And it’s at this point my passion for coaching was born.

How could I use this amazing new medium to give more value in my life and career?

I Took Massive Action.

I started to learn about (and love) myself again.

I educated myself (check out my super cool qualifications below).

I started my own business – For You Corporation – and launched the Big Business Breakfast Club and Big Business Leadership Club.

I wrote my first book (Bringing Life To Leadership).

And I branded my lifelong mantra – Live Your Best Life.

Clients soon started talking about their experience and results on social media… and from there LYBL quickly started to grow a life of its own!
Thrilled that the world wanted to know and experience LYBL’s message, I launched the hugely successful LYBL 3 Day Empowerment Program, took on more coaching clients, expanded my team of outstanding ambassadors, and wrote my 2nd book, which became an Amazon bestseller. What is it called? Live Your Best Life, of course!

Today the LYBL spirit is continuing to spread its wings worldwide as more people connect with our philosophy. Supported by amazing ambassadors and the outstanding LYBL community, we’re growing from strength to strength as we all support, inspire, teach, and guide each other to fulfil the LYBL mission of a life lived on purpose. We connect people from all over the world who are genuinely focussed on designing, creating and living their best life.

I’m so proud of what we are achieving, and excited for what’s yet to come (I’ve got some pretty big and cool plans)!

Has it been easy? Hell no!

Life has certainly provided me with plenty of challenges to overcome and mountains to climb, including an eight-year journey to survive cervical cancer, heartbreakingly unsuccessful tries at IVF, and my life threatening stint with viral meningitis that left me having to learn to walk and talk again.

But here’s what I know to be true: There is always a way.

Now, as a lifelong learner, educator, speaker, businesswoman, coach and author, I bring a heartbeat to all that I do.

LYBL is my personal mantra – I’ve dedicated my life to it.

I believe we all deserve to Live Our Best Life, every single one of us. And I am ever so grateful that it’s now something I do every single day.

My dream and my wish is that you do too.

Yours in Life,

x Michele

The Live Your Best Life Philosophy

Move regularly

Enjoy pure air and water

Get out in the sun

Connect with nature

Have a purpose for all you do

Practice good nutrition


Practice gratitude everyday

Enjoy heartfelt connections

Learn new things

Find your balance

Exercise & stretch



Make choices that empower you

Have a vision for the future

“Success to me is self love, it is first an inside job.”

– Michele Jones –

Our Manifesto

Live Your Best Life Manifesto

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