Raving Fans

The models ‘ESIP’, ‘Values Pendulum’ & ‘PEP Strategy’ have all given my business a solid structure to follow for training which I have found to be very helpful, as every business needs to be able to follow a structure. Overall, each session I have had with Michele, has made my goals clearer and my path to achieving them even more so.

Duane Aitken
Extremis - Perth, Western Australia

Michele’s coaching sessions are amazing. She has been able to get into my head to help me unlock and understand the ‘Why’ behind all that I do. Her ‘PEP Strategy’ has elevated my business to a new level of professionalism and makes the learning and teaching easier and more consistent across the board for all my team members.

Oron Star
Star Marketing, Perth Western Australia

Hi Michele, I have been meaning to text you and thank you again. Feeling amazing actually (no surprise), definitely moving in the right direction with it. Having that awareness gave me a lot more confidence and I understand I’m capable of everything. So am really looking forward to next time and going on with some more. I’m open to every idea now. You’re a legend.

Aiden Pratt
Markey Group International, Perth, Western Australia

Being a part of the 3 day Live Your Best Life program has been an incredible experience. The most life changing experience was to discover limiting beliefs that were holding me back without me even knowing. I now have the ability to recognise them quickly, adjusting and reframing my language and being aware of my purpose has been a big focus for me since being a part of the program. Thank you for all the team and the LYBL team for making it an unforgettable experience.

Ksenia Demidova
Business Owner, Vivid Advertising Solutions, Age 28, Gold Coast

I’m ready to step up! At Your Best Life I faced the image of myself that has been holding me back, and realised that she was already ready and capable. I am now ready to step up! I feel privileged and grateful to Michele and the team – you all rock and are so much needed.

Jasmin P

I love me again

Before attending Your Best Life, I was unsure how I wanted my life to go, and wanted to try something new. The whole experience was interesting and enjoyable, I loved the delicious food and activities, and how everyone cared for each other. As a result of going, I love me again.

Mackensie E

I am always surprised by how much Michele is able to get out of me in her coaching sessions, because she is not just scratching the surface, she keeps digging deeper and deeper and makes you really think. Her ‘PEP Strategy’ has made a massive impact on my team’s retention and growth! She is an amazing coach and leader – she just seems to know where your triggers are inside of you and how to trigger them in order to get you to take action. Thank you Michele for your time and effort so far, I really value my upcoming sessions with you!

Jan Weiss
Smart Marketing - Perth, Western Australia

I attended the ‘Live Your Best Live 3 Day Empowerment Event’ in August, 2015 & have been working with Michele and her team ever since…I feel that this experience has helped me become a more effective communicator with my team and also to myself.For people that have blocks in their life and beliefs that are not helping them move forward this is a well worthwhile event. I enjoyed every minute of this event, a huge thanks to the ‘Live Your Best Life’ team keep up the awesome work!!

Darren Wright
Director, Unite Marketing, Age 38, Adelaide

Rory DixonI attended the ‘Live Your Best Life’ 3 day Empowerment Event aboard the LYBL Houseboats in May 2015 & have continued to work with Michele since then. Since returning from the houseboat retreat my life has taken a huge transformation, I am now exercising daily and eating a clean, green diet that allows me to function with greater efficiency and more energy.

My business is starting to take shape and move forward in ways that I never knew existed 6 months ago…I just want to thank Michele and the whole LYBL team for the life changing experience and say that I truly cannot wait for the next time.

Rory Dixon
mavriQ Global - Sydney, New South Wales

I was probably the most hesitant person not knowing exactly what I wanted to get out of this experience and what was to come…Although looking back now it was definitely one of the best things that I did for MYSELF.☺

This experience has definitely changed my life through all the tough times and emotional bursts I’ve come out understanding a lot about my balance between my health/work/me time…If your considering this experience I’d say just DO IT!! With just a couple of systems and structures that I’ve learnt, not only have I been able to tackle a few issues from my past, I’m really excited for the future!!

Leanne Platt
Business Owner, Platinum Marketing, Gold Coast

Hey Michele I wanted to thank you once again for the other day, u r a true inspiration. We had a Pb week this week, the environment with the team is amazing… I am excited for what the Markey group will achieve… Thank you for showing me the path I had deferred from. Can’t wait to do some planning with you soon .. Well done to on your detox you are doing incredible, u have inspired me to join the gym again and eat better. Thank you Michele 🙂 xx

Tracey Markey
Markey Group International, Perth, Western Australia

FLO Lagarde
Flo Lagarde

Prior to attending this event, I was in a difficult time. I was split between business and personal life. Just didn’t enjoy it anymore, but the LYBL retreat just opened my eyes again made me think I need to make changes and need to make them now! A lot of weight was lifted off my shoulders things were voiced and I just got back into the game with a positive and stronger mentality.

Thank You Michele for all the knowledge that you have and the energy you create around you! It’s amazing!

Lauren Orrett
Independent Sales Contractor, Age 20, Perth

Michele Jones is one of the most incredible human beings I have ever met in my life. I met her in March 2013, she has been coaching me ever since. I’m writing this because Michele has given me a new perspective on life, helped my business grow over 400% within 7 months and made my quality of life better. If anyone has the opportunity to work with Michele, it’s a lifetime investment worth making!

There are a few aspects Michele has had a big influence on. More than anything Michele has just been an incredible role model in her successful businesses her way of living her own life. Her personal challenges with beating cancer and her past experiences, she has this amazing outlook towards life and love. I feel so privileged to have met her.

Amara-Joy Leier
Akada Marketing - Sydney, New South Wales

Since spending time with Michele, I have attached more purpose to my daily tasks, so that every task now has a purpose related to my goals, visions and values. My business and personal life are better than ever before.

Ultan Burns
Catalyst Marketing - Perth, Western Australia

Alice Haemmerle
Alice Haemmerle

Listening, applying and trying to fully understand ‘PEP Strategy’, ‘Values Pendulum’ & ‘ESIP’ have really opened up my mind. The journey of trying to master these strategies has given me an instant gratification in being self aware and has also made my mind expand to areas that I thought weren’t possible. I’m glad to have the opportunity to network with people that think this way.

Romesh Patrick
Generation Marketing Group - Perth, Western Australia

Ben Willis

Ben Willis
Illusive Cube, South Australia

Before working with Michele, I had always wondered why successful people in business would have a business coach. Since working with Michele I now understand why.

Michele’s coaching has had a positive effect on every person in my company she has worked with and everyone is always blown away by her enthusiasm and knowledge base. Because of Michele’s vast experience she is able to assist with every aspect of our business from the initial recruitment process, right through to effectively developing a team of leaders and a network of business owners.

Outside of practical skills, Michele can coach you on one of her most powerful coaching techniques of connecting, reconnecting people to their ultimate vision & purpose which I believe is the key to understanding why I do what I do every day. By elevating everything I do to a vision & purpose I have been able to achieve more of my desired outcomes and therefore my company overall has improved as a result.

Tony Van Eyk
Van Eyk Marketing - Sydney, New South Wales

Ever since I’ve been working with Michele, not only has my business grown in statistics, quality & depth – my own personal development has been absolutely priceless. She truly untags the best potential you have to offer that is often locked and unexplored. Her productivity exercises, for e.g.: Brain Dumping, has increased my daily productivity, energy levels and self fulfilment. She possesses an aura of warmth, exudes so much positivity and passion for her work and life – that alone is contagious and makes me want to become a better person. She truly inspires me to live my best life.

Jenny Lam
Director: Generation Marketing Group, Perth Western Australia

The last 2 months for me has been very progressive, ticking off my action points from the last session has made a big difference to my business. In particular, the ‘PEP Strategy’, ‘ESIP’ and ‘Values Pendulum’ on their own have made an impact on my entire team thus improving the quality of people on the team and the results we are achieving. Thanks Michele, you rock!

Yemmy Olaosebikam
H&S Group - Perth, Western Australia

After a few brief sessions with Michele I have realised that my personal and business mentality have grown for the better. I actually have a purpose for everything I do and life has improved for the better.

Josh Mills
Mills Marketing - Perth, Western Australia

After first working with Michele for only a few hours I felt a change in the way I ran my business. She guides me in such a way I didn’t even notice it happen to begin with. Michele leads me to answer my own questions and taught me that the answers are already in my head; she just unlocks them, or rather allows you to unlock them yourself!

Michele’s mission and genuine care for everybody she works with has inspired me through both my worst and best moments of my business. If I can learn even a small portion of everything she has to offer, I’m sure my business will thrive for years to come. Thanks Michele for everything you have already done and everything you will continue to do in the future. We’re better because of you.

Laura Ryan
Cicero - Sydney, New South Wales

FB Love
FB Love

Michele has changed my world! Her commitment and dedication is unquestionable. Since working with her I’ve seen my business grown in leaps & bounds. Using the systems she has shared with me such as ‘ESIP’ & ‘PEP Strategy’ has increased my retention and quality of people on my team and has helped to build a more sustainable culture in my business.

Yen Nguyen
Summit Marketing Group - Perth, Western Australia

David Howie

Engaged, growing, and excited all weekend

I felt compelled to attend Your Best Life because I wanted to transform myself and my life to reflect back to me my heart’s true desires. As a result of attending I gained clarity, community, trust, a feeling of safety, confidence in myself and a love and acceptance of myself like never before. I will be moving towards my goals in business and finances in a more action-based way, with clarity and confidence in myself.

I am amazed at the generosity of LYBL and the diversity of learning that kept me engaged, growing and excited all weekend. Thank you for this incredible experience, full of love, connection, opening and growth.

Jade W

Everything I wanted and more

I attended Your Best Life because I knew that it’s me that can heal me… if I don’t take steps for me, who else would? I gained everything I wanted and more… clarity, truth, acceptance, love. I now know the real truth and won’t be believing the bullshit anymore! All of the ambassadors get a 12 out of 10 for the level of care and support they gave me – couldn’t be better! And the food was amazing. Can’t wait to do another event with LYBL!

Katie F

Hope and confidence to move forward

To be honest I was talked into attending Your Best Life, and I’m so glad I did. It gave me the hope and confidence that I can move forward. The content was informative and fun, the food was fantastic, and the level of support I received was even better than the food! Even with the diverse group of people and issues of everyone attending, we all got help. I found the weekend freeing, and thought it was fantastic.

Gavin H

Challenging in a good way!

I attended Your Best Life to get rid of my bullshit and make a change. I wanted to find self-love, happiness and fun in my life again, and Your Best Life helped me empower myself to be ME! Everyone was awesome, the food was amazingly good, the content of the program was insightful and challenging (in a good way!).

The LYBL team gave me a level of support and attention that is beyond amazing. The only thing I didn’t like about the weekend was that it had to eventually end!

Erin P

The space and tools to find what I needed

I attended Your Best Life when the universe aligned and I knew I had to do it to further my journey in knowing who I am, what I want and what is important in life.

I now know I am already doing my best which is actually already good enough, that it’s okay to ‘fail’ because it’s not failure, it’s only feedback. I learned that I am at heart a wildwoman, a goddess, a rockstar and that bringing this to those in my life and extend it out further to help others is my passion. Nathan helped me to see I am OK as I am and how to make that something special for myself.

Thank you for giving me the space and tools to find what I needed with like minded people – while being myself.

Julie N

Completely exceeded all expectations

The timing was perfect, I wanted to step up in my life and reconnect with those who fan my flames. Through being there I gained clarity, enthusiasm, passion… I feel lighter, and am now in action mode. Massive Action Mode.

I could taste the love in the amazing food, was totally blown away by LYBL’s generosity and thought the learnings and support I received were outstanding. Thank you for the very special memory of campfire night. This weekend completely exceeded all expectations.

Tegan R

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