A Coach Mentor

How are you going on your coaching journey?

Are you getting the results you want?

You may have started coaching pro bono and aren’t exactly sure how to convert people into paying clients. Or you’re not sure how to structure your business so you can reach your income and lifestyle goals. And you wish you had someone to assist and support you through the process.

I know what it’s like to doubt myself as a coach. I remember when I was starting out, there were some days when I craved guidance from someone who had walked the path I was on. Someone I could bounce my ideas off or share my coaching services and lesson plans with. Someone who could not only share their wisdom and experience with me, but someone who could hold me accountable to all I was embarking upon.

To all coaches, here’s my message to you:

Help is here. You don’t need to go it alone….

The Role of a Mentor

The term “mentor” comes from The Odyssey. Odysseus entrusted the care of his son, Telemachus, to Mentor when he set out to fight the Trojan War. The role of a mentor is to help you learn and grow by sharing their knowledge and wisdom with you. They help reach your goals quicker than if you tried to work it all out yourself through trial and error.

I have been fortunate enough to have had several awesome mentors in my life and career. What I have come to learn is although each of them were very unique in their own right, they most certainly shared several important characteristics. They:

  • Were willing to share their wisdom, knowledge, skills and expertise.
  • Had a positive outlook on life, helping me through tough times and showing me how to find opportunity in every difficulty.
  • Were empathic and genuinely concerned about me and my success. Had demonstrated success in their field and were held in high regard by their colleagues.
  • Kept growing themselves. All of my mentors were curious and inquisitive, always seeking to become more. I like that they never seemed to land, that their evolution was a constant focus and purpose. Sometimes the roles were reversed. They asked what I was reading, and then read the books themselves – so they could learn and we could discuss ideas.
  • Gave me direct, constructive feedback. They held me to high standards. They congratulated me when I met their expectations. They corrected me when I failed to meet outcomes – but in a manner where I learned what not to do the next time.
  • Sought out and valued the opinions of others. My best mentor always told me to listen most carefully to the people with whom I disregard – in that way I might learn something. And, he was right. As the old saying goes, a mentor is someone whose hindsight can become your foresight.

Let's Create Your Success Together!

I take the greatest of joy in mentoring other people. I love using my thousands of hours of coaching experience, along with my financial investment in my own education to help accelerate the growth of someone else. My mentees avoid my mistakes, benefit from a quicker path to success, and have someone in their corner championing and supporting them every step of the way.

I believe that a good mentor:

M – Motivates you to accomplish more than you think you can.

E – Expects the best of you.

N – Never gives up on you or lets you give up on yourself.

T – Tells you the truth, even when it hurts.

O – Occasionally kicks your butt.

R – Really cares about you and your success.

A mentor relationship is one of life’s greatest pleasures. As I enter this sacred space with someone I am mentoring, I know it’s about me using all I have to guide them, and not letting them off the hook towards their own success. Because life is about using the lessons in experience to move forward.

If you feel that we are a match, then allow me to create a mentoring program to help you create the life and career success you want and deserve.

Let’s get started together NOW.

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