Blueprint Member’s Journey – Kelly Montgomery

A small snippet of one of our amazing blueprint members sharing her journey in our recent LYBL Deep Dive Event..

Kelly is a star student to the Best Life Blue Print members program. She is a wonderful soul who has been dedicated to her journey of self development and Personal Mastery with Michele and Tegan throughout all of 2022 so far.

Her courage and tenacity to go within and face her limiting beliefs and take action have created much change in her inner world. What we love most about Kelly is she is always there, leaning in, asking questions, applying, testing herself, making mistakes and questioning again.

The way she shows up for herself, expands out to those around her and she will bring a smile to your face within five minutes of talking to her.

Her becoming has been a joy to witness and an inspiration to so many.

The best part is, we know, just how much her life will continue to change in the coming months as she continues on the program to completion at her current level of living and we are so excited for her and are championing her all the way.

Kelly originally came to us feeling lost, like she didn’t know who she was.

You may remember us sharing her best life spotlight – this is what she said in her own words….

“MISH, you’re an incredible wonderful lady and I love you! Thank you for creating the LYBL programs, for your life’s work is so important to the world is impacting all of us around you! I can’t wait to one day help you get your content out to everyone in the world! Thank you for all you do for Kurt and I! Tegan, thank you for your support and straight up no bullshit mentoring I’m really enjoying the next stage of my journey with you and you are just wonderful! I really appreciate you and love that you are on this journey with us! ❤️

I have learnt SOOOO MUCH! About myself, life and others. I’ve learnt to be curious with what I’m thinking and feeling and see why it’s come to serve me. I’ve learnt to change my state quickly and to analysis situations with huge self awareness. I’ve learnt how amazing I am and how much I have to offer the world. Soo many things I can’t even think of think of them all! But it’s been the best 5 months of my life seeing the growth and development within me! Thank you…

I have learnt about language and how I speak with myself, how I show up and stepping into my empowered state, asking lybl questions, seeing something that’s not serving me and changing it to serve me. I’m sure there is more!

Being myself and asking what do I want before anyone else. I wear different glasses that helps me see the world and myself different daily and these glasses are getting clearer everyday!

I am so many amazing things, to wrap it up I am a divine goddess – living my best life is when I am true to myself and being my authentic self. It’s when I do take care for my family, I reach goals personally and professionally, it’s when I listen to my souls calling and dance with it.

You know how you dream about what life could be like and what would be nice in your life. You can have it, we can have that “fantasy” life we dream about in our comfort zone. You just have to get up from where is comfortable and what your used to and get REALLY UNCOMFORTABLE! and when you first jump into this journey your going to think what am I doing, but after the clouds settle (and they will settle “this to shall pass” ?) and you move through the uncomfortable messiness of it all it’s going to be the best decision of your life. You will have an even better version of that “fantasy” life you dreamt about. You just need to trust yourself and the process. The LYBL team will be there to guide you and support you so you’ll never be alone!! You just need to jump … so jump you’ll never regret it! Go live the life you were destined for!

It was such a pleasure to have Kelly step up and share her new wisdom she has gained since becoming a member.

A truly powerful moment in her life & powerful moment for us as coaches to see how we are guiding those towards their best lives.

Thank you so much to Kelly for her sharing.

We look forward to future events and putting the spotlight on other members who are taking action towards their dream life.

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