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    Are you set up to finish 2022 with a bang?

    Would you like to come along for our LYBL Deep Dive Event, ‘Unleashing Your Magnetic Super Powers’?

    It’s going to be epic! Here’s a little of what you can expect at the event if you come along as a guest.

    First up, know that this is one of our main client training events for the year. It’s not a sales thing, there won’t be any pitches. We’ll treat you just like everyone else and that means we’ll expect you to play full out just like a client: Participate in all the activities, get actively involved, and contribute, okay?

    This event is for people whom are wanting to take a deep dive into their best lives, develop those deeper connections, living a life of truth and empowerment and finally getting what it is you truly desire in your life.

    It is the doorway to your awakening. Your actions. And your being.

    You really do get to choose when you know it’s time.

    And if you feel called to join us…we’re here for you. If you grab a guest seat to this one, we will be teaching some of our most profound lessons and guidance where we will quite literally unleash your magnetic super powers so that you can end the year calling in and attracting your desires at a much faster pace, taking these life altering lessons with you well into 2023 and beyond. It’s time you become a magnet for your best life. Uncover what it is your doing that is current attracting things to your life, or what you might be doing that’s actually repelling your dreams & wishes.

    Set yourself up for success to end 2022, and begin 2023 with the tools to take you to the next level with our momentum snapshot and 8 week cycle plans. This event might very well be the most valuable personal mastery event we hold this year, and we want to invite you to come along as a guest to see us live in action on how we coach our current blueprint members towards their best lives. You’ll walk away not only with some life changing lessons, but also a fool-proof action plan for your next 8 weeks to hit your goals in an easy, step-by -step system you’ll put together yourself live on the event so that you can also stay accountable.

    Let’s awaken your potential, take action towards your best life vision, and be the person you know to be true.

    The LYBL Awakening Session


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