What is inside the Health box?

  • My Best Life 2023 (Planner)
  • 500g Ceremonial Cacao (Prepared)
  • 500g Sovereign Honey
  • Handmade Pottery Ceremonial Tumbler
  • Muddy Creek Soap
  • Superfeast Tonic of your choice

All of this inside the very neat and beautiful LYBL x Invictus Health Box

LYBL Health is Wealth Box

Health is Wealth, More Focus and More Wins for the next year.

The LYBL Health is Wealth Box we created for go-getters who want to stay healthy, focused, stay accountable and make a huge shift within their lives over the next year.

The ‘lybl planning method™‘ provides the solution for taking all of the massive amounts of information, input, activities, requests, demands, phone calls, important dates, conversations etc. And bring them into focus that produces measurable and more memorable results.

It ensures that you not only consistently achieve amazing results, but most importantly that you, and the people in your life that you love and desire to be around are also fulfilled in the process because they get the best of you.

This method allows you to be here now, present in the moment that you have chosen yet with a vision for the future the future that excites you – simply flick through the months to anticipate all that lays ahead.

Ceremonial Cacao (Invictus Apothecary) (500G Prepared)

Pure, organic, unrefined and quality controlled, this sustainably sourced heirloom variety Cacao exceeds the highest standards.

Grown in the rich soils of Taraporto, Northern Peru, this heart opening medicinal Amazonian chocolate boasts extraordinary health benefits.

Wonderfully indulgent, Cacao provides a beautiful inclusion to anyone’s daily routine.

The health benefits from consumption are next level

Sovereign Honey 500G

Our Sovereign Honey comes to you from the chemical free, self propagating lands of Waroona, Western Australia. Being completely unprocessed, this honey is loaded with naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, enzymes & amino acids.

This honey is like nothing else you will have ever tasted before!

Note: Due to the nature of nature, the taste and texture of our honey varies over the year and it is all incredible! 

Handmade Pottery Ceremonial Cup

Unique handmade coffee, tea & dinnerware, crafted by Artisan Krystal Obshonka in Australia’s South Western town of Esperance. Each design inspired by the beauty of the Recherche Archipelago, known locally as ‘The Bay of Isles’. 

Muddy Creek Soap (200g)

Muddy Creek soaps are all natural, which means there are no nasty chemicals or additives that can either harm your skin or harm the environment. We’ll never go anywhere near things like Propylene Glycol or Sodium Lauryl Sulphate. The soaps go through a triple milling process, removing all impurities and allowing a consistency not found in many soaps on the market and the fragrance will last until the end. Our all natural ingredients also mean that, unlike many other soaps, our soap won’t turn to mush in your hands or leave a scummy residue around your bath or shower.

Superfeast Tonic (100g)

Where tonic herbs & adaptogens reign supreme. These magical herbs have captured our imaginations with their history, having emerged from the Taoist system that is thousands of years old. Their ability to work with the deep & innate systems, organs & energetics of the body is truly unique & allows us to powerfully support our body to return to harmony. Join us in using these adaptogenic medicinal mushrooms & tonic herbs, to potentiate the function of your entire being, leading you down a path of extreme health & longevity.

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