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This isn’t a pyramid scheme. This isn’t a get rich quick gimmick.

By now I know you’re probably fed up with internet gurus claiming you can change your life over night if you just follow their steps.

I get it, there’s so many people claiming online that if you just start this side hustle or if you just join this MLM scheme you ’ll be able to escape your 9-5 and live your dream.

And for many of them, absolutely you can make an income from it, but without the basics and having your mindset in the right place it simply will not work.

If you’re thinking “that sounds too good to be true” when you see something like that, then the truth is you’re probably right.

And if you’re wondering why it’s never worked out for you, it’s probably because of the very essence that YOU BELIEVE it’s too good to be true, and not because it’s not possible for you.

It all comes down to your belief system, and you’re way of life that has been programmed into you from the day you were born.

And so that’s where we step in, we don’t teach you a step by step process to setting up a side hustle or how to start dropshipping.

We don’t teach you what business you should be starting or how to invest In the stock market.

What we do has a much greater impact and will bring in those feelings of freedom, abundance and gratitude for your life that deep down is ultimately what you’re probably searching for.

We will guide you to awaken yourself from within, so that you can remove any barriers that are currently blocking you (think limiting beliefs and old programming), we will show you what action steps you can take so you can uncover what you’re true purpose is and who you are at the core so you can use that to live up to your true potential, making income doing what you love and leave you with that feeling of certainty and ease to live life in the present moment each and everyday.

We will get you to take a mirror and bring to front all the things you already know within you. Say goodbye to life as you know it.

It’s time to let go of the old way of living and breathe in a breath of fresh air into a positive change. The things we teach here at LYBL are the type of things you cannot go and unlearn, but will have the greatest impact in your life


In the first part of the program we will focus on removing any beliefs & programming that have you feeling stuck through our Awakening Process. Even if you think you don’t have any awakening to do, it is even more essential for you to work through this part. The coaching exercises across the first three blueprints of this program will benefit you regardless of whether you think you need them or not.

This is truly the beginning of your best life living and the commencement of a brand new journey.

This phase of the program Is called ‘Your Awakening’. Much like any archaeological dig, the bones and other findings are only the beginning. Your Awakening is a very necessary first stage. It assists you to bring fourth the more productive thinking that will get you what you truly desire. This phase includes the first 3 Blueprints:



The next stage of awakening we will focus on together is lack of confidence in your decision making through ‘Your Actions’ process. On this part of your journey, we will begin to observe & search for your innate wisdom for the actions that will truly make a difference in finding what you want.

One might say this is the beginning of the fun part, others say it is the beginning of an entirely new life – their best life.

This part of the program will take you through the steps towards empowering you to start taking the right actions towards living your best life.

This phase of the program Is called ‘Your Actions’. This section will aid you in understanding the physical actions you need to take in order to create the life circumstances and changes that breed your very own version of your best life. This is where you obtain your sense of satisfaction, success and fulfilment towards all you do. Your action sections of the program are made up of the following 4 Blueprints:


The third and final phase of the program is ‘Your Being’. This section introduces you to YOU, the real you, your best you. It also provides you with your best life elixir; opening up your life to the real magic you always knew was there. It will guide you to stretch so that you can tap into your own spiritual resources that will assist you to set up your life to receive the unexpected. This stage will allow you to recognize your own signs in your innate wisdom that are trying to guide you, and allow you to notice that they were always there, you simply had to know how to access them.

In this section, you are going to let go.

As you progress through the three stages of excavating your life’s blueprint, your degree of consciousness will increase, although you may not be aware of it. By now you should have evidence that your wisdom wiring is reliable and in tact.

That you, and your wisdom, are now starting to hum along together quite nicely

Your new level of awareness is what will allow things to happen more quickly. You will not need as much energy, nor will it take so much effort to manage your life or to make new things happen.

You will be making different choices, which will require less repetition of old patterns that used to cause you pain or keep you stuck. You won’t have to repeat the same mistakes over and over before you ‘learn your lesson’. In fact, it will seem as if you won ‘t have as many hard lessons to learn.

All this allows good things to happen in your life more quickly

In your new state of being, you’ll find that it doesn’t take as much knowledge to feel secure and move forward in your life.Your knowledge is there and it’s in tact. You can feel confident about this. If you don’t feel this then go back and review your weak points in the strategies we’ ve covered so far, remember access to this program is for life and all of us, no matter who we are need to recalibrate, rejuvenate and reaffirm who we truly are as we journey through life.

In the stage of ‘Your Being”, you will be starting to trust yourself more and you’ll be able to take action based solely on what you feel is right. You’ll have stopped relying solely on doing as the only confirmation of your worth and existence, so you’ll be free to move through life with more ease, being more comfortable with who you are.

You have finished the self-exploration that comes with awakening and the rethinking, exploring and fixing that comes through your actions.

You’ve taken action in so many parts of your life. Now finally we are going into free fall – ‘Your Being’.

Be prepared to feel lighter, and in fact, it is here that I would like to acknowledge a beautiful woman on this earth, one of my coaches, mentors and soul sisters, Rachel Anastasi for her metaphor of popping corn.

For it is here, in ‘Your Being’ that you have journeyed from ‘Your Awakening’ as a tightly packed corn kernel, had the heat turned up as you confronted ‘Your Actions’, before arriving here at ‘Your Being’ as a popped, light fluffy, expanded piece of popcorn.

Remember, we are human beings, not humans doing.

It is essential to become comfortable with simply BEING.

The place where you relinquish effort and control and still expect a great outcome

Without this, ‘Your Being’ section, would not be complete and we would not have done our job as your LYBL Coach team of achieving our desired outcome for you…for you to truly live your best life.

Here, we will tap into the resources of the spirit to put the final touches on your excavation of your best life blueprint.

This is how you truly live your best life.

This final phase of the program is split into 3 blueprints…consisting of:


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