Work @ LYBL HQ

LYBL HQ is a dedicated facility in beautiful Lake Macquarie, Toronto NSW, for people to connect and learn as they spend time designing, creating and living their best lives.

And now we have co-working spaces available for coaches and other practitioners to use while growing their businesses.

Our huge building offers 2 levels of fully equipped and highly customisable space for whatever your business, client or coaching needs.

Looking for the perfect place to host your next workshop, training course, evening or weekend seminar, boardroom meeting or networking function?

Or perhaps you usually work from home, and need a quiet place for client appointments?

This professional and beautiful space is dedicated to providing the perfect coaching environment. Whether you need a boardroom, a private coaching room, or a training space… move the furniture, change the layout – you can literally transform each space to meet your exact needs.

The coaching zones are equipped with the use of phones, whiteboards, coffee tables, comfy chairs, desks, tables, and are lovingly decorated by the LYBL team. Also on offer is a fully equipped office for your use including all the bells and whistles such as phone, printer, photocopier, WIFI, laminator, binding machine, shredder and stationery supplies.

Kitchen facilities are there for you too – and we also offer catering services to take care of nourishment while you work with your clients (really handy for big groups). The LYBL co-working space has been born from the heart of LYBL, with Michele and her family creating it themselves and bringing their vision to life. Come and experience the space for yourself and join in the growing community of LYBL focused practitioners who are making HQ the ultimate place for designing, creating and living your best life.

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