For the next 21 days I’ll send you an email to let you know that your new Manifesting money, finances, wealth & abundance hacks are ready, along with a daily Manifesting Meditation is available (we’re here for the early risers!). 

You can also go directly to the challenge content any time using this portal.

You can get even more support from us through the Private Facebook Group that we’ve set up specifically for this challenge. 

I’m super pumped & proud of you for joining this challenge and making this commitment to yourself.

At times when we’re presented with challenges and feeling stressed, it’s tempting to numb out. But you’re choosing a different path. You’re choosing to tap into your true source of inner power and potential. You’re choosing to honor you and all that living your best life means to you and move past & through these challenges which is pretty remarkable.

Today, your task is simple: Get clear about your intention for the 21 Day LYBL Manifesting Challenge.

Connect to how you want to feel 21 days from now. Imagine yourself finishing this challenge with a sense of satisfaction, confidence in your manifesting ability, along with a newfound sense of abundance in your life.

Now surrender your intention with a short resolve:

I turn over my intention, desires and goals to the care of the Universe. I step back and let spirit lead the way.

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