LYBL Best Life Blueprint Program

10 Weeks. 10 Transformational Blueprints.

Discover the Best Life Blueprint Program™ That Will Revolutionise Your Life

LYBL Best Life Blueprint Program

LYBL is a way of life that inspires your own awakening to understanding yourself

To live your most authentic life…

Are you ready for a magical year that is bound to radically change your life?

LYBL Best Life Blueprint Program

This isn’t a pyramid scheme. This isn’t a get rich quick gimmick.

By now I know you’re probably fed up with internet gurus claiming you can change your life over night if you just follow their steps.

I get it, there’s so many people claiming online that if you just start this side hustle or if you just join this MLM scheme you’ll be able to escape your 9-5 and live your dream.

And for many of them, absolutely you can make an income from it, but without the basics and having your mindset in the right place it simply will not work.

If you’re thinking “that sounds too good to be true” when you see something like that, then the truth is you’re probably right.

And if you’re wondering why it’s never worked out for you, it’s probably because of the very essence that YOU BELIEVE it’s too good to be true, and not because it’s not possible for you.

It all comes down to your belief system, and you’re way of life that has been programmed into you from the day you were born.

And so that’s where we step in, we don’t teach you a step by step process to setting up a side hustle or how to start dropshipping.

We don’t teach you what business you should be starting or how to invest In the stock market.

What we do has a much greater impact and will bring in those feelings of freedom, abundance and gratitude for your life that deep down is ultimately what you’re probably searching for.

We will guide you to awaken yourself from within, so that you can remove any barriers that are currently blocking you (think limiting beliefs and old programming), we will show you what action steps you can take so you can uncover what you’re true purpose is and who you are at the core so you can use that to live up to your true potential, making income doing what you love and leave you with that feeling of certainty and ease to live life in the present moment each and everyday.

We will get you to take a mirror and bring to front all the things you already know within you.

Say goodbye to life as you know it.

It’s time to let go of the old way of living and breathe in a breath of fresh air into a positive change.

The things we teach here at LYBL are the type of things you cannot go and unlearn, but will have the greatest impact in your life.

LYBL Best Life Blueprint Program

You visualise your best life and constantly see it clearly unfolding out in front of you.

There is often a gap between here and there, and that’s where you can at times feel stuck.

You love to journal, dream about your goals and create vision boards about it and get excited about calling in all of the things that you know represent your best life.

With each image you are attracted to, you feel it, you sense it, you see it, you even taste it, but it seems often so far away from your reality.

You know deep down you’re a good person and an amazing friend to others.

But at times you feel disconnected and lonely despite being loved and liked by many.

You are connected to your soul at a deep level but often wonder why your mind often gets the better of you.

Sometimes it runs so wild that it keeps you at up night with worry, anxiety and doubts, often leading to sleepless nights, or the desire to hit the snooze button. Where do those thoughts come from & why, when you ultimately know they’re not true?

You are committed to good success habits, but at times you prefer to cut corners and ‘cheat’ a little because the routine of success habits become mundane and a little boring and at times make you feel like you’re on the hamster wheel of life.

You find yourself doing for doing’s sake, taking action on the things you believe represent a good worth ethic rather than being present in each moment and knowing wholeheartedly that the universe holds you and has your back.

You have been conditioned to believe there is no other way, because it does bring results and when you don’t follow them you notice crazy thoughts start to fill your mind – as if you’re failing because you didn’t execute what you said you would.

You are an intelligent being but some days you simply feel dumb. Thoughts become clouded, your mind becomes foggy& your vision can often cloud over.

You find yourself scrolling on social media feeds and comparing yourself to others.

You then feel annoyed at yourself for almost hating others living their best lives even though at the same time you feel inspired and happy for them.

Deep down you actually know that the picture of all you see isn’t evenreal.

But it still pulls you in with a deep desire wanting all that you seeand questioning ‘why not me?’.

You beat yourself up more than others do because you set such high standards for yourself that almost make life seem hard or that all you desire is always just out of your reach.

Do you ever make promises to yourself that you never keep?

And then by breaking those promises you feel you will never stick to anything?

You never share these secrets so that you never get caught out…the cycle then continues.

You worry about what your family & friends think which means you make decisions that keep you small and hold you back from the truth of your deepest essence.

You dim your light to make others comfortable around you, because you worry about what they think.

You love personal development & self-discovery, you see it as magic but when it doesn’t work in an instant you quit on yourself.

You don’t hold on & stay true – you lose focus, and convince yourself that now is perhaps not the right time, therefore believing that maybe for a brief moment in time it’s not meant for you & that you will come back to it – but you never seem to.

This makes you believe that true best life living and success must only be meant for others.

You are learning to trust yourself, but some days you have self-doubts.

You’re impatient which means that you often stop digging just before that moment you unearth the diamonds.

Yet you know that all diamonds were born out of pressure, life’s challenges and a bit of friction, and that there must come a time to face life head on.

You know with every cell in your being that you were meant to live your best life, and deep down you keep trusting that you will.

You also know that you deserve it, but most importantly that you were born to.

You also believe that everyone on the planet is deserving of abundance, but when you look at your bank account, it feels like an empty cup rather than a full one and you feel the sense of lack and insecurity that this brings.

You’re afraid to let go & trust.

You’re actually an ultimate manifester but your beliefs often hold you back from receiving, because somewhere deep down you think you may not be worth it and that you might get found out for who you actually believe you are.

You’re a deep person & you love life, but you’ve decided it’s safer to spend life living on the surface rather than living

life fully immersed in the deep end.

This is our invitation to take the plunge and dive on in…

Our Best Life Blueprint™ Program was created for you if you have read this and felt it, related to it and thought ‘yes… that is me, I do that’.

To guide you on your way back to your true life path fueled with the gifts of your inherent nature and wisdom and being to start living a life that feels truly fulfilling.

A place where you don’t feel broken or that something is missing within you.

A place where you know with your whole heart you are whole and complete and that nothing is missing and that you were born to live your best life.

Online Personal Development courses

Although we’re made up of the same energy, space and matter, not one of us is the same, each and every one of us is unique.

Here’s exactly what you get inside the Best Life Blueprint Program.

10 x Personal Development Best Life Living Blueprints

+30 Scientifically researched and proven activities/exercises 

Proven tools for self-development

Acknowledge your current beliefs and reprogram your thinking to become who you know you were born to be.

Learn to trust yourself and listen to your feelings and gut instincts and allow them to guide you rather than suppressing them. This will allow you to operate from a place of alignment and pure empowerment, allowing for powerful decision making.

Stop the daily grind of action taking for actions sake and become the Master of Focus and being with the power of now through intentional focus.

More freedom to be fully expressed with depth of meaning and connection to the core of your inner truth, internal knowing and ultimate happiness.

Discover and reveal your own self worth by allowing all the hidden messages in your dreams and aspirations to expose your lucrative purpose that’s woven within them. Tap into the greater richness and all you have to offer this world.

This is your first step towards creating a life that you dream of and to work on your most important asset in life….YOU!

The ‘Your Best Life Blueprint™’ program has been created by International Professional Master Coach, Michele Jones, who is the founder & creator of the globally recognised ‘LYBL’ brand & movement.

The program was created to empower you to design, create & live a life you love through accessing your own inner knowledge and wisdom to achieve your own version of living your best life.

There are 10 Best Life Blueprints to take you through the process of ‘Your Awakening’, ‘Your Actions’ & then finally ‘Your Being’ and uncovering what it means for you to live your best life.

Learn from the Past

Reflect & analyse your past meaningful experiences and what has shaped and defined you in your life up until now

Understand the Present

Find out your sacred blueprint profile to understand your current behaviours, your driving forces and motivators, your emotional intelligence passion and skills, then allow these to permeate the life force of your best life blueprint.

Live for the Future of Tomorrow

Define your deepest personal mission and purpose and live it daily, with your whole heart, in deep devotion, impeccably, and with the discipline and responsibility of greatness.


In the first part of the program we will focus on removing any beliefs & programming that have you feeling stuck through our Awakening Process. Even if you think you don’t have any awakening to do, it is even more essential for you to work through this part. The coaching exercises across the first three blueprints of this program will benefit you regardless of whether you think you need them or not.

This is truly the beginning of your best life living and the commencement of a brand new journey.

This phase of the program Is called ‘Your Awakening’. Much like any archaeological dig, the bones and other findings are only the beginning. Your Awakening is a very necessary first stage. It assists you to bring fourth the more productive thinking that will get you what you truly desire. This phase includes the first 3 Blueprints:

Blueprint 1
Blueprint 2
Blueprint 3


The next stage of awakening we will focus on together is lack of confidence in your decision making through ‘Your Actions’ process. On this part of your journey, we will begin to observe & search for your innate wisdom for the actions that will truly make a difference in finding what you want.

One might say this is the beginning of the fun part, others say it is the beginning of an entirely new life – their best life.

This part of the program will take you through the steps towards empowering you to start taking the right actions towards living your best life.

This phase of the program Is called ‘Your Actions’. This section will aid you in understanding the physical actions you need to take in order to create the life circumstances and changes that breed your very own version of your best life. This is where you obtain your sense of satisfaction, success and fulfilment towards all you do. Your action sections of the program are made up of the following 4 Blueprints:

Blueprint 4
Blueprint 6
Blueprint 5
Blueprint 7


The third and final phase of the program is ‘Your Being’. This section introduces you to YOU, the real you, your best you. It also provides you with your best life elixir; opening up your life to the real magic you always knew was there. It will guide you to stretch so that you can tap into your own spiritual resources that will assist you to set up your life to receive the unexpected. This stage will allow you to recognize your own signs in your innate wisdom that are trying to guide you, and allow you to notice that they were always there, you simply had to know how to access them.

In this section, you are going to let go.

As you progress through the three stages of excavating your life’s blueprint, your degree of consciousness will increase, although you may not be aware of it. By now you should have evidence that your wisdom wiring is reliable and in tact.

That you, and your wisdom, are now starting to hum along together quite nicely

Your new level of awareness is what will allow things to happen more quickly. You will not need as much energy, nor will it take so much effort to manage your life or to make new things happen.

You will be making different choices, which will require less repetition of old patterns that used to cause you pain or keep you stuck. You won’t have to repeat the same mistakes over and over before you ‘learn your lesson’. In fact, it will seem as if you won ‘t have as many hard lessons to learn.

All this allows good things to happen in your life more quickly

In your new state of being, you’ll find that it doesn’t take as much knowledge to feel secure and move forward in your life.Your knowledge is there and it’s in tact. You can feel confident about this. If you don’t feel this then go back and review your weak points in the strategies we’ ve covered so far, remember access to this program is for life and all of us, no matter who we are need to recalibrate, rejuvenate and reaffirm who we truly are as we journey through life.

In the stage of ‘Your Being”, you will be starting to trust yourself more and you’ll be able to take action based solely on what you feel is right. You’ll have stopped relying solely on doing as the only confirmation of your worth and existence, so you’ll be free to move through life with more ease, being more comfortable with who you are.

You have finished the self-exploration that comes with awakening and the rethinking, exploring and fixing that comes through your actions.

You’ve taken action in so many parts of your life. Now finally we are going into free fall – ‘Your Being’.

Be prepared to feel lighter, and in fact, it is here that I would like to acknowledge a beautiful woman on this earth, one of my coaches, mentors and soul sisters, Rachel Anastasi for her metaphor of popping corn.

For it is here, in ‘Your Being’ that you have journeyed from ‘Your Awakening’ as a tightly packed corn kernel, had the heat turned up as you confronted ‘Your Actions’, before arriving here at ‘Your Being’ as a popped, light fluffy, expanded piece of popcorn.

Remember, we are human beings, not humans doing.

It is essential to become comfortable with simply BEING.

The place where you relinquish effort and control and still expect a great outcome

Without this, ‘Your Being’ section, would not be complete and we would not have done our job as your LYBL Coach team of achieving our desired outcome for you…for you to truly live your best life.

Here, we will tap into the resources of the spirit to put the final touches on your excavation of your best life blueprint.

This is how you truly live your best life.

This final phase of the program is split into 3 blueprints…consisting of:

Blueprint 8
Blueprint 9
Blueprint 10

Any one of these things can move the needle immediately for you however my experience is that ONE of these is going to resonate with you and stand out as the BIG opportunity for you specifically…so we’ll be able to spend more time on that one with you as we continue on your best life journey together.

We’ve called this program ‘Your Best Life Blueprint™’ because YOU are our focus here.

Everyone on this planet already has their best life formula inside them – and we’ll use this program to dig deep & get you to start designing, creating & living your best life, and get you to take back control of the drivers wheel of your life so that you can experience that sense of freedom, confidence and realisation you’ve been dreaming of.

I’ll add you to a private Facebook group and telegram chat with me and my team along with other Best Life Blueprinters, all there, focused on living their best life.

We will be in there weekly to support you for the next 10 weeks, and then after that you will continue to have access as long as you decide to stay with us.

We’ll also unlock your access to the proven step-by-step system that makes up the DESIGN | CREATE | LIVE Process™ via the 10 x Blueprints.

In addition, every month we’ll jump on live Group Calls together to guide you towards the help you need and listen to other best lifers share their success and wins for inspiration within your own journey.

You will witness first hand the value of community and the value of your new tribe as a collective.

We only want to work with people who are ready to take the next step and commit to themselves with no turning back.

We’re opening this offer to people today and I’m inviting YOU to join the best life living family.

This isn’t a ‘course or program’ where you’ve got to find loads of time in your busy schedule and watch endless generic videos, as we will direct you to your next right move based on where you are.

We’ll give you bite sized chunks you can knock out in a few hours a week, a small investment towards your own best life living, wouldn’t you say?

We’re very big on what is your one next thing and your next right move rather than overwhelming you with lots of things in a small amount of time.

During our time together we hang together in a private group to talk about it and brainstorm specific strategies for YOUR life so you can put it into action and share your wins, challenges & your results.

We’re going to be working intensively over the next 10 weeks so I recommend you have at least 4-5 hours a week to dedicate for self-study, implementation, feedback and integration.

I’d love to work with you!

My team will love working with you too!

If this sounds like something you would like to do, we offer a 7 day love it or leave it guarantee.

If it’s not what you thought it was, or we don’t deliver what we have said we will, then it’s okay if you want to break up with us within 7 days.

Head to the next page to sign yourself up and we look forward to seeing you on the inside from there.

Talk Soon!

Yours in best life living,


P.S. When you sign up today, you’ll also get these goodies free in your welcome email.

The Wheel of Life Reflection Tool – as you download & open up this tool, may you see it as representing your own life. Bring the awareness to the different areas of your life and all they require at different times of your life and at different levels. Make the choices that empower you to feel the devotion required to each area of your life. It’s about bringing them into your own sense of balance, and more so about consciously being aware where you currently are at in your life. This simple tool has prevented many best lifers from getting off track or buying into old socially conditioned patterns of what people tell us our lives should look like or be.

Remember, you are the designer, creator & liver of your own best life – but you must know where you’re at to appreciate where you are headed.

And also – My Ideal Average Day Tool – for You to Live Your Best Life you first need to know where you currently are & where you focus on being. What’s important to you? How do you allow all of you to come along for the ride & honour the truth of what you’re all about in the process. It all starts with you being able to state it how you want it to be & owning your truth to begin with. We suggest you start here, designing, creating & shaping your ultimate best life living kind of day. What would that look like for you? I invite you to dream a little and get really clear, the universe loves order and it loves to know what it’s working on delivering to you.

It’s your time Best Lifer, so say ‘YES’, accept your own call to adventure, be curious & embrace your fears. It’s time to be present to your own life and create more meaningful connections with yourself and to others – this is truly where it’s at in life. Care awesomely for you and when you do that you will own your truth to be your own hero.

It’s time to join forces for the greater good…and as you do you will see that all roads lead to love.

It’s your time…and you’re ready for this next step!

See you on the inside 🙂

speaker · author · educator · coach

founder & creator of the lybl philosophies & programs

Michele Jones is a Speaker, Educator, Author and Coach with a life motto of “Live Your Best Life”. With her unwavering passion, Michele has showcased her talents through her work as being engaged as a Business, Leadership and Life Coach. She believes that to be a success in business & life you must be generous of heart & put humanity first, and this shines through her Non-For_Profit work as a board member for One Heart Global, and also her CEO Consultancy work being an engaged Business, Leadership and life coach to small and medium business partners . With over 25 years and thousands of hours of experience up her sleeve, Michele takes Life Coach to a Creator of LYBL whole new level, supporting all walks of life towards best life living.

Michele has dedicated her life since 15 years old to studying the world’s best authors, thinkers and psychologists to create the 10 blueprints that assist you to navigate your way through the best life living concept.

Michele believes there is an abundance of beauty in the world especially when you find your way to into the spaces within yourself that connect you to all the cracks and crevices that show us the light from within.

Our true sense of power is directly proportional to what we have the capacity to take responsibility for.

In her own words, Michele say’s:

I’ve come to learn that ultimate success to me means to live a truly soulful life. My heroes to me are those who walk with grace even when the ground beneath their feet shakes. At the end of the day all I really want to do is play music and sing, love passionately, live sustainably and leave behind something beautiful for the next generation.

Depth, Heart, Intention for humanity is how I see all of humanity as my family.

I am dedicated to living a soulful and rich life alongside my brothers and sisters in the world. The reverence I hold for each person’s true essence coming alive is special. Honouring the tender beginnings of humanity whilst equally taking responsibility for where we are going is activating.

I have soulful wisdom to share.

A heart full of love for the world, the lands we walk on, and the people I unite with burning to share my belly full of wisdom.

Most people will never live their best life…

Sadly, most people live their entire lives on autopilot.

This is not their fault, in fact, even in that moment they are living their best life.

No-one we have ever met woke up today with the intention to live their worst life.

Everyone is doing their best.

They just haven’t been taught how to understand themselves and gain clarity on what makes them truly happy.

But we know, that everyone has the power to break the mould and pursue their own definition and version of success.

We’ve learnt that when we unite with people on the same path towards enlightenment of self, that transformation continually occurs in alignment with the lifeforce that surges in our veins.

If you want to go fast, you go alone, but if you want to go far, you journey together.

Allow us to guide you as you navigate your way to reveal your own best life blueprint, steeped in your own wisdom and sent to you from birth.

Allow the Blueprints that Michele created for the world to Awaken, to Act & to Be to move you through your own self-discovery and enlightenment mission to live a deep, rich, meaningful life gaining the clarity that each Blueprint was designed to inspire.

Ultimately, discover your own reason for being.

You don’t need to struggle on your own, wasting time and years trying to figure it all out on your own.

The Best Life Blueprints were designed to allow you to find your own voice, unite with your unique gifts and provide you guideposts in which to bring to life your own unique blueprint.

It’s like a shortcut that stays with you for life that gives you back the excitement of waking up to reveal the truth of who you truly are.

Wake up in the morning inspired and fully alive.

Live your best life – a life of soul, of depth, of meaning, but most of all freedom.

Empower your own life.

Come and sit with us side by side to keep unveiling all that you are.

A beautiful life is filled with beautiful humans.

Life is a process, our job and the role we play in it is to always be remembering who we are.

It’s up to us to contribute to it and to grow from it, just as the universe has shown us through the gift of all things, especially nature.

We are all the universe.

And if you’ve never had a hug from Michele then you need to come and get one.

Matthew Liam Gardner says it like this…

We must give ourselves wholey and fully to the great seasons of our lives that come and go – the crackings, the risings, the bloomings, the ripenings, the witherings, the dyings and the letting go.

Each of us must find our way to intimacy with creationary cycles that bring an extraordinary, natural and life-giving richness to the great journey of a human lifetime.

Eye to eye.

Soul to soul.

Together we rise.

Come and share the magic of a rare kind that is found only in union – within and with others.

Unite with us and come alive.

Wondering about the kind of results you can achieve?

Hear how Kelly & Sharissa transformed their lives with the Best Life Blueprint Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you’re feeling scared, nervous, or sceptical – that’s totally okay and totally normal. It’s totally right for you to want all of the information before committing and I’m happy to answer your questions.

If you feel called to do this work and want our support to live your best life, we know we can help.

This is YOUR YEAR to release your life blocks, live your best life with ease and grace, and surround yourself with amazing people..

Is the LYBL Blueprint the best personal mastery course for me?

Saying ‘yes’ to you can be one of the most empowering things you can ever do, but it can also be hard for some people to invest in themselves. Often people join our program from a dis-empowered mindset and when we are in this place it is hard to have faith and trust in ourselves. We have an easy to use and tried and tested system and support team to help you connect to a safe place that will bring you into empowerment.

If you are unsure if Michele Jones is the right coach for you then I would reassure you that she is the most generous and kindhearted soul. She has dedicated her life to the Personal Development Industry and she has over 40,000 hours of experience helping people to live their best lives.

Michele is intelligent, well studied, well experienced and her reputation precedes her. She is of noble character and has hundreds of testimonials from all walks of life, business, and executive empowerment coaching. She has built a wonderful life for her, her husband and 2 dogs and operates globally from their million-dollar retreat centre location in Newcastle, NSW, Australia. 

Here’s what to look for in a Personal Development Course like this one:

A mentor you can model who has an excellence mindset and impeccable human behaviour. A mentor that walks the talk and a supportive community to also walk alongside you in your journey. Our best place to join our community is through the ‘LYBL Campfire’ Facebook Group.

What makes this course different to others?

LYBL – Live Your Best Life has been running for over 9 years now and Michele has been in the Personal Development Industry for over 30 years. There are not many mentors and programs around that have the level of experience that LYBL has and who continue to deliver and provide year in and year out. By joining the program, you can feel certain of the fact that the business you are purchasing from has a long history and be comforted by its intentions for a bright future for many years to come. 

This program is delivered in easy to consume bite sized videos, there are exercises to go with some of the Blueprints too. The videos are of great quality and the program is delivered on an easy to use platform, even for the not so tech friendly users.

You do this course at your own pace, it is delivered as a Blueprint per week over 10 weeks, though you have access to the portal for the life of the program.

You go at your own pace, we do suggest though that you log in and do videos regularly and allow time for yourself weekly to at least watch a couple of videos. It’s amazing how many times a client has told us the right video seems to come in at just the right time for what they are navigating in their lives.

I don’t really have the budget right now, is it worth the investment?

How often do we buy something for someone else and spend the money so easily but when it comes to us, we put the decision off or justify and convince ourselves it is too generous. Michele Jones has now released this program at its most affordable price yet. There are options to buy with credit and Afterpay as well so you can make it a manageable payment plan for you. You are worth investing in yourself. For the cost of the program, you will have access to all 10 Blueprints comprising of 139 videos. The videos go from 5-20 minutes each and will take you on a journey to really come to a place of loving yourself again. Every member who has graduated from the program, has given us a testimonial, please go to our Program page to read through these for yourself. For those that log in and do the program regularly we can absolutely say the investment has a great return and not just for you, but also for the people you have around you who get the best version of you too. Even if you find it hard to do it for you, do it for them.

Will the LYBL Best Life Blueprint program work for me in the role I work?

The LYBL Best Life Blueprint program is not industry specific, it is excellent to compliment your Professional Development journey. As Michele often says, “What runs in the person, runs in the business” and vice versa, how you do one thing is how you do everything. Whether you are a Parent, a Leader in your work, a Business Owner or you have another valuable role to play in your life, the truth still remains that how you are affects the people around you and therefore this program would suit many different industries. Some of the industries we have helped to date include:

Business Owners, Executive Leaders, Business Development Managers, Healers, Spiritual Entrepreneurs, Admin and Business Support staff, Carers, Retirees, Human Resources, Salespersons, Online Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Health Industry workers, Mums, Dads, Corporate Employees, IT workers and Creatives, to name a few. 

Quite simply, this course works. Follow the system and upgrade your mindset and human behaviour as you go on a journey of self-awareness and become the best version of you. 

If you want to learn practical strategies to upgrade your thinking, become more aware and transform, then this course is for you.

I don’t have enough time, will it take a long time to complete?

As with most things, what you put in is what you will get out of it. For some of our members, dedicating a few hours once a week works well. You might watch 30 minutes a day or you might put aside some time on the weekend just for you and to dedicate to your personal development. A five minute video might offer you a big enough insight that you need time to process and implement, other times you might get hooked and not want to stop binging on the content. The library is also there as a resource tool. If you are having a challenge, jumping in and watching a video that has a title that helps can also be of great benefit.  It’s all very flexible and up to you how you want to navigate your study timetable. Being an online program, you can log in from anywhere on your device and it is available 24/7.

I am only new to Personal Development, is this too advanced for me?

Some of our most experienced Personal Development junkies in our program still feel like they are only new to the world of PD. The truth is the more we learn the more we realise there is so much we still don’t know. As human beings we are lifelong learners. “If we are not growing, we are going…” or as Michele says, “if we’re not evolving, we’re devolving”, meaning that it’s in our learning new things and challenging ourselves that we really evolve and stay engaged with life. No, this course will not be too advanced for the newest to the Personal Development arena and that’s because from the moment you opened your eyes for the first time you have been a lifelong learner and it’s our natural state of being.

Will this course help me with my relationship and money issues?

95% of transformation is awareness and in taking the time to work on yourselves. We slowly move from a pain and survival mindset into connection. The connection with LYBL’s system will help you take responsibility for your mindset and your actions because you decide that is what you want. When we operate at cause, we learn to trust ourselves again, we make promises to ourselves that we keep, and as we move through this course, we learn to love ourselves again. We can only love others from the level that we love ourselves, and so often our self esteem is also tied into our relationship with money. We can’t promise this will fix your current issues, but we can assure you that the 10 Blueprints are designed to remind you of your own worth and so by default other areas in our lives begin to improve.

Is this only for people who are in business or in a leadership position?

We have found that Michele Jones attracts a following who are already in Business or Leadership positions due to her VIP Executive Coaching role that she also has within the company. In saying this though this course is general in nature and it is worthwhile for all genders, and walks of life. We have had members who are high level sales executives right through to retired grandparents, we don’t discriminate. If you have a heart then you are in the right place and you are deserving of living your best life.

How do live calls work?

Every month we offer a LIVE member’s monthly catch-up Zoom call with either Michele Jones or one of our Teams Facilitators. These are offered at 10:30am AEST on the 2nd Tuesday of every month via Zoom. We’ve had 8 people on a call or up to 100 people, it really depends on the member’s availability and time of year.

How do live calls work?

There is built in accountability with monthly coaching calls, community mentors to support you.

There are regular emails and accountability posts in the Facebook group.

Will this course address my specific challenges?

Yes! We have 10 Blueprints and 139 videos that include case studies and exercises tailored to unearthing our deepest fears and to help us recognise our limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging patterns.

If you have the dream to change your current circumstances, then this is the pathway for you to do exactly that. This course was designed with that intent in mind and our numerous testimonials account for the same, this program works. This is the course for you!

I have been studying Personal Development for years, will I learn anything new from this course?

ABSOLUTELY! We have graduates who have completed the course numerous times and at every new level there is a deeper truth to uncover. The insights in this program are like no other, it is completely unique and written from Michele Jones’s collective experience of 30+ years as a student to life and her many accreditations and learnings.

The Blueprints will transform your perspective and unveil to you what it is time for you to see right now, like an archaeological dig, you will discover what you need to know in real time and you will be able to apply it immediately.


The program moves through 3 distinct stages: Your AWAKENING | Your ACTIONS | Your BEING. 

We’ve had graduates transform all areas of their lives including their relationships, financial status, physical environments, they now take time to honour what their souls wants regularly, their health has improved, they have gone on to have incredible success in their careers and businesses, they say they have more fun and some go as far as to say they have learnt to love themselves again. Some have discovered their life’s purpose. This is all possible for you too on this program.

How do I know if it’s the right time to join the Blueprint program?

There is a reason you are here and this has spoken to you. Trust this. 

Some people think they need to have it all together or quite the opposite like they need to be falling apart before they join the program, but wherever you are at, you are in the right place at the right time.

Like you need to create the time first, or save a little more money first but time and time again we see that as soon as you make the decision, the universe conspires in your favour to deliver just what you need right then and there. Be bold and invest in you today, for tomorrow is never promised and the only time you really have in NOW.

Perfectionism and procrastination are life blocks you will smash through in this program, the only way out of playing this strategy is to take action. This is a muscle you need to start using. The more you use it, the more you will develop self-trust and that breeds confidence and empowerment. Just watch our testimonials to hear the many stories of this happening over and over in our community.

Bring your life blocks to the community and we will work on them together. Some people think the solution is to read or book or to do a course alone but we know here that joining us by the LYBL Campfire is more warm and connected, it is more genuine with a like minded tribe and it is more fun.

So if you are feeling stuck, lost, disconnected then your time is now, it is time to cross the threshold, to leave your ordinary world and discover a new world where your possibilities for happiness are endless and you’re strong and resilient to whatever challenges come your way.

There is no point putting this off, because as soon as you start you will notice the shifts and changes for the better and you will wonder why you hadn’t dived in sooner.

What would the cost be of staying in the same situation for another year?

Whether you are just surviving or you are sick of just being ‘good’ all the time, then this is your time to thrive. This is your year to make the decision to embark on your journey to Live Your Best Life.

Move from good…to great. 

Doing this work IS worth it. You are worthy. You belong with us, and you will learn how to fall in love with the best version of yourself again.

If you need to, go ahead and choose a payment option plan.

Spread the cost and make it work for you on your terms.

But don’t hold off on saying yes to you any longer.

What if I sign up and realise this program isn’t for me or I don’t see results?

We offer a 14 day money back guarantee

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