Welcome to Part One – Your Awakening.

Your awakening will happen over the next 3 weeks of our 10 week program, and will be broken up into 3 segments.

Week 1 – Know Your “WHY?” then ask yourself “WHAT?”
  • LYBL questions
  • How & when to use LYBL questions?
  • ‘LYBL questions’ & your relationships
  • An ‘LYBL’ caution!!!
  • What is more powerful: ‘WANT’ or ‘SHOULD’
  • Set your intentions & look beyond the words
  • Are you seeking information or are you seeking wisdom?
Week 2 – Acknowledge Your Current Beliefs and Reprogram Your Thinking
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Expanding beliefs
  • Contrast and choice is everywhere, seek it out
  • Always look for the evidence
  • Be sure to reality check
  • The king of all limiting beliefs
Week 3 – Develop a Healthy Perspective
  • Wisdom is blocked in the face of fear
  • Stop taking things personally
  • To find yourself: make it about others
  • Don’t go so far that you lose yourself
  • Create space
  • Laughter really is the best medicine
  • Choose love
  • Where you find your personal power, you will find love
  • A lot can be said for gratitude

Even if you think you don’t have any awakening to do, it is even more essential for you to work through this part. The coaching exercises across the next three weeks of this course will benefit you regardless of whether you think you need them.

This is truly the beginning of your best life living, so with that, lets get started 🙂

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