The way to your best life blueprint requires asking deeper, more useful questions in order to get better answers and more effective action. The questions that will help you do that are what I call ‘access questions’, which I also like to call ‘LYBL Questions’.

‘LYBL Questions’ access your innate wisdom, the wisdom with which you were born, to create positive forward motion, reminding all of us how resourceful we are and that we already have all we need within us. We simply forget it at times. 

So, this is here to serve as a reminder and to put you back in the drivers seat.

Imagine your brain as one big ‘Google Machine’. It is a search engine tapping into a database of information just like the world wide web that you already have available to you and that is made up of acquired experience, knowledge and intuition. When you need answers in life, you form questions that serve as your keywords. Your brain then searches its resources and gives out all the possible answers. The more specific your keyword entry, the more specific your answers – thats the wisdom of your very own internal built computer. How did it know what you needed exactly? You told it your question and it found the answer for you. With that point alone, I need you to stop and take notice.

This is what the LYBL QUESTIONS will do – assist you to be specific in your information gathering so you can come up with the answers to move forward.

Nearly all the questions we are used to begin with one of five words: ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘why’, ‘when’, or ‘how’ and although these words assist us to gather facts and understand each other in conversation, not all of them exude wisdom. Since we’ve already eliminated ‘why’ as a viable ‘LYBL QUESTION’, ‘who’, ‘when’ and ‘how’ fall into the information question category.

Therefore, we are left with using ‘what’ which aids the brain to behave as a more efficient search engine. ‘What’ questions force you to be specific in your query and being specific leads to solutions and awareness; on the other hand, asking “Why?” leaves you with only the question.

For example, if I asked you, “why are you doing this course?”, you might tell me a story about some things you are wondering about. Maybe you’d go on to provide a few details about what brought you to this moment of information seeking, Your responses would probably have something to do with your past. But if I asked. “What outcome do you want to reach by doing this course?” the answer you give would be future orientated. It would also be much more specific, since you would be forced to look forward, rather than backward. This releases energy and moves you from feeling stuck to living in possibility – you can see oppurtunities out into the horizon and into the future.

This is where the path to your best life commences. As you start to move toward what it is you do want, everything you are running from will lose its power.

So, let me ask you that again: What outcome are you looking for by using this programl? Answers like “to live my best life”, “to feel and be much happier in all that I do” or “to find the guts and courage to take a leap of faith” would be more like it – regardless of what the final result ends up being, these types of responses get you moving toward your desired outcome. And the best part is that they set you up to feel empowered to achieve that momentum on your own. 

The search engine in our brains is highly sophisticated and just like google, it requires a well- phrased question to take advantage of it. When a question is phrased well, it gets us closer to the outcome, so when we take the time to consider what the ‘Google Machine’ needs, we have more opportunity to land more precisely with what it was we desire. So, start googling I say! Google yourself as much as you possibly can, by asking yourself the right questions in which to find the right answers.

This is exactly why I use ‘LYBL QUESTIONS’, because they are designed to do just that. By using ‘what’ questions, you start accessing your own inner wisdom that you were born with, that already knows what it needs to know to guide you through.

The list below is a collection of powerful questions that are used by many coaches all around the world.

Take a look at the list of questions below and see how you can make any question a ‘LYBL QUESTION” by using ‘what’.

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