One of my Mentors, recently shared this question & I thought it was definitely worth some reflection here today as it’s been a strong theme for this weeks coaching sessions at LYBL.

My question to you today is…..

“Are you ‘revolving’ or ‘evolving’?”

Too often the people I meet are either stuck spinning their wheels in mud – round & round in circles – not moving forward – spinning – seemingly out of control , in fast mode, feeling exhausted, spread too thin & most certainly feeling unfulfilled.

Is this you?

Are you repeating the same mistakes and revisiting the same pain, over and over again & desiring it was different?

Or are you progressing, discovering new challenges, finding new levels to yourself and what love means to you?

And in love with that process?

How many breakthrough moments are you creating in your life each day?

Each week?

Embracing them?

Having coached, trained & mentored people for over 2 decades now I have seen first hand that most of us are ‘revolving’ through the same issues over and over again – yet not consciously aware that the patterns are there or that the buck stops with us!

If you are on the repeat button – it’s a pretty major clue you’re not taking responsibility for something.

And for those of us not ‘revolving’ we’re experiencing the feelings of ‘evolving’ onto new challenges as we resolve past issues & challenges, heal ourselves, and find new ways to be our ultimate selves, able to live our best lives.

A fulfilled life. ❤️

If you’re ‘revolving’, it’s time to change your approach.

It’s not working.

Consciously wake up to the clues that are smacking you in the face & start with some of these life hacks to begin to move forward ?

Stop blaming others & pointing your finger.

Stop waiting to be rescued.

Stop waiting for the day that it will just fix itself.

Stop talking about yourself.

You know you deserve more….in fact you were born to experience life in the most wonderful ways.

Start owning your experiences as experiences you have created, for you to learn from.

Seek out the lessons.

And if not then simply keep repeating this over & over again….it truly is your choice.

Start committing to what you care about & what matters.

Start respecting yourself as the source of your solutions.

Start focusing on others.

Why is it that some people live their years and others have the same years over & over again?

This is not by chance or some stroke of luck!

Success leaves clues.

Some people live a full life.

Some people live experiencing pain, over and over and over again.

We choose.

We decide.

The truth is…we experience…ourselves.

Breakthroughs happen on the other side of getting over yourself.

And it is there that you will find love ❤️

Decide you matter & why it matters & watch how your life responds in turn.


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