Who we become is all or nothing…

I truly believe that what we all want in life is to grow.

To feel like that we are moving forward.

However, most of us are scared shitless….we believe that we aren’t actually good enough, and we fear that other people will find out that we are not who we say we are.

We fear we will be found out!

So, we create our ‘bullshit’ stories that without intention, and these stories then prevent us from taking action towards what it is we truly desire.

These stories keep us safe.

Life becomes beige.

We wish it were different.

We lose touch of what matters & our spark plugs tend to get dirty or die out.

As I walk with people on their journey’s, I always find it fascinating that once this pain becomes unbearable, they realise that something has to change.

We then embark on a mission to find ourselves.

Until, we realise that it isn’t about finding ourselves, it is all about creating or re-creating ourselves, to return to the core of who we were when we were born.

Perfectly imperfect, whole & complete…..with an infinite amount of resourcefulness.

Through this process, it gets real….

We realise that our current philosophies are not serving us & that our current strategies are aligned with our old belief systems.

Enjoyment starts to take over through this process…..instead of feeling the pain, we begin to experience the pleasure & as we get high on experiencing life full of joy, love & passion.

We begin to understand why people say ‘it’s all about the journey’……that it’s never about the destination

It’s all about the journey.

Yet, how many of us are aware that the journey is not always pleasant, it doesn’t always bring us joy?

Life can be freakin’ tough at times…

What this awareness does bring us is a deep connection with our feelings, a process that begins to honour emotions in ways that serve us.

I also find this fascinating & interesting because if the way we enjoy life is only when it’s how we enjoy life, then it will never be how we want it to be.

The process.
The joys.
The exposures.

We realise that life is about feeling all of it.

We get the joy & fulfilment of the real ‘me’ & the ‘stuff’ that we are so caught up in getting really gives us nothing.

If we just go after the things – they will never give us joy.

We learn new appreciations & the value of gratitude.

We become more present to seeing how we evolve with a level of curiousity that leads us to more possibilities.

We begin to live deliberately, on purpose & in alignment with our own values.

And I think to myself as I witness this evolution over & over again in people, how often do we allow ourselves to settle for less than what we’re capable of?

For you see, most people aren’t designing their life, their letting their life design them.

Remember, there is always a way…..

You got to turn that fear around

Live Your Best Life….


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