APRIL at LYBL is exciting, adventurous, creative and inspiring. BECAUSE,

LYBL is about growth, transformation, designing and creating, SO MUCH FUN!

This month of April at LYBL HQ has been exactly that, we have been buzzing away at learning new technology, creating and designing more programs, workshops, video creation and other ways to communicate to you.

We have reached out to one of our beloved LYBL Ambassadors Clinton Kopittke, a successful entrepreneur, author and creator of The Live Lean Method to share his wisdom in social media brand and building platforms to communicate which enabled us to design and create Campfire News a high class communication avenue to our members.

We have heard the cry of the LYBL community to have access to more LYBL kindling to keep their fires burning through online membership platforms which will be accessible to even more people and coming soon.

The adventure for us at LYBL, is implementing creative ways to get the LYBL message, teachings, tools and strategies out to the world, to empower more people to live their best life, and that is exciting.


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