Health and Wellness 28 Day Challenge

At LYBL, one of our core values is Say “YES”, and say say ‘YES’ is what so many of you did for this challenge. You accepted your call to adventure and became your own hero.

Thank you to everyone who participated and decided to own your health and reclaim your life.

Headed up by our resident LYBL Health and Wellbeing Coach, Tara Davidson shares, “it was inspiring to share the journey of your challenge and connecting with what owning your health looks like to so many of you.”

We had such great feedback from this challenge that we plan to run it later in the year.

At LYBL, we believe despite your limitation you CAN do ‘something’ about your health, that you can experience increased energy, self confidence and in general, a better outlook on life.

In The News

  • 8.9M online readershops
  • 30k estimated coverage views
  • 1.18k social shares
  • 59 average domain authority
  • 7 newspaper/magazine articles
  • 4 on line media
  • 13 radio interviews
  • 3 national TV programs


What an exciting first quarter in the news, Michele was interviewed by Australia’s leading journalists about how today’s youth are ‘sleepwalking’.

Some of you saw Michele on Channel 9 and Channel 7 news declaring ‘Independence Day’ for young adults living at home and discussing the importance of parents giving permission to children to fly the coop to set them up for success into the future between the ages 20-25.

By declaring and marking the date in the calendar for this to occur, it becomes an empowering event in a young adults life.

Michele was interviewed by 8 newspapers nationally on this topic and over 13 radio stations rallied around to get the message out there.

Check out our most recent press release ‘Time to Stop Criticising and Start Listening to Millennials in the Workplace’.

We would personally love to extend our gratitude to all the journalists and media for supporting this message and for assisting us to get this very important message out there.

The LYBL HQ phones have been ringing, hot, hot, hot!!!

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