** Your Best Life 2.5 Day Retreat LYBL HQ and Retreat Centre located in beautiful Lake Macquarie, NSW, hosted an intimate group of like minded people, who explored and gained insights into how to deeper love and accept themselves equipping them with the resources and tools to design, create and live their life on their terms.

All participants had access to the highly skilled and trained LYBL Ambassador and Coach team, offering then the support required to dig deep to make real and lasting change. And in true LYBL style, they were flourished with delicious, health and nutritious food throughout the entie weekend along with our signature ‘care awesomely’ LYBL hugs!

** LYBL Presents to Medical Clinic – At LYBL, we believe that everyone deserves to live their best life.

We also believe that our lives are made up of 8 succinct areas that we focus on when living:

  • Career and Business
  • Finances and Wealth
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Fun and Recreation
  • Spirit and Soul
  • Physical Environment
  • Relationships
  • Personal Development and Growth

What excites us even more is when other practitioners also see people as a whole and not a part.

With this in mind, Michele and Tara were over the moon to be extended an invitation to present at one of Lake Macquarie’s leading Medical Centres, with the Doctors there realising that although they are mainly focused on someone’s health and Wellbeing are of their life, there can often be so many other factors at play.

By aligning forces with the medical profession, together we can assist people to be empowered to continue on their best life journey.

We are thrilled to see Doctors understanding the power and benefit of our work and as a result referring people to us.


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