Mentor Support Network – As a result of an inquiry from the ‘Independence Day’ news article, we were approached to present at the ‘Mentor Support Network’ for the Hunter Region which is made up of a community of ‘not-for-profit’ organisations, consisting of a group of dedicated volunteers assisting school age kids to live their best life.

I know…..right up our alley! Right?!

Tara shared her own personal experiences as a woman living her best life and as a Mum doing her best sharing life lessons, tools and strategies to the volunteers of our local community to support, empower and assist them to so that our youth are empowered to see their uniqueness and purpose in life.

Renee Schofield Wellness Workshop

We always get excited when local business owners with huge passion and commitment to their mission ask us to join forces.

Renee Schofield is one amazing pocket rocket and a woman on a mission assisting many people to live their best life – fitness, community, family and fun is what RSPT is all about!

Tara and Michele did a tag team Wellness Workshop for RSPT fitness studio members and gained so much from this amazing community in return – including chocolate!

By sharing tools and strategies allowing attendees to explore and discover what owning their own health looks like, its amazing to see what results can be achieve when you baseline your current health, track and measure your progress, respect any limitations physically, mentally and spiritually that may be part of you that then enable you to be set free, moving not only your body, but YOU forward too!

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