Personal Growth & Development

It’s March!

Which here at LYBL that means we put the spotlight on the Personal Growth & Development focus.

This segment is for focusing on a big area in our life wheel, personal growth and development.

And this area could mean many different things for everyone.

Whatever your goals are, personal growth of an individual means becoming aware of your behaviours, your drivers, your emotions and areas of which ones life may need focusing in on.

Personal growth is becoming aware of self in its entirety.

Growth is often uncomfortable, messy and full of a multitude of feelings you weren’t expecting – but as they say, you have to step outside your comfort zone in order to grow & change.

Are you ready to commit to yourself & truly trust yourself?

To take your best life goals head on?

To really connect with your best self?

Personal growth & development is something that continues for the entirety of our lives should you choose to allow it.

If you’re not evolving, then quite simply, you’re devolving. 

It’s what makes life worth living.

It’s the enjoyment of the journey, it’s a continual awakening.

The exploration, curiosity, the adventure to understanding yourself and the role you play in your own best life discovery mission.

The roller coaster ride of life that brings with it the highs, the lows, the exhilaration, the despair, the bumps in the road along with the celebrations.

The sense of achievement and euphoria we feel when we reach a goal or another milestone of discovery makes it worth it.

So what’s the next step?

The next step starts within you.

In fact it always has been within you.

I can vouch from experience that even during times of crises you can continue to thrive and grow beyond your wildest dreams.

We all have obstacles we face in everyday life.

The right time is always now.

In fact, it really is the only time we ever truly have.

Set a goal.

Make it meaningful.

Whatever it may be… small or large.

Maybe it’s just that you want to wake up earlier to meet the sun rise… so set the goal and start working towards that.

Or maybe it’s something bigger like starting a business or changing your life completely.

Whatever it may be for you, write that goal down and start taking steps to work towards it.

The rest will unfold as it plays out.

Stop waiting for things to be perfect, as they never will be.

You’ll surprise even yourself by how quickly your dreams can become a reality when you make a decision, set the intention, remove any blockages and then start working on them.

It’s our birthright to live our best lives, so make that decision today and start taking those steps towards your life’s most important journey.

Today is a good day to start living your best life.. all it takes is the decision to commit to it.

So, welcome to March. The month we really put our focus inward and bet on ourselves.

The best investment of time you can make is an investment of time in yourself.

Let’s make March our biggest month yet!

Keep evolving…it’s what it truly means to be human. 

Big Love

Michele & the LYBL Team


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