A few days ago I was reflecting at how grateful I am to be surrounded by such amazing people.

I always believed that when powerful humans come together magic happens.

By “powerful humans” I mean people that have a deep connection with their inner soul.

I call that kind of a person an authentic soul. A person with an authentic soul can change their environment but a group of these people that are authentic souls can change the world.

I feel that as these “powerful” people we play a part in the world in a different way.

When we are together we all of a sudden we become friends, sister, brothers and mentors.

We cry, laugh, hug, sing, dance, talk and create lifelong connections.

That’s how I felt when just recently, a group of women gathered for the “7 Weeks To Wellness” program at LYBL HQ, 2 hours a week for 7 weeks, as I believe that love is so much stronger than hate.

I believe no matter where we are from or what we have experienced in life that on the inside and at the core of who we are, we are all pretty much the same.

We all ultimately want to come together for the purposes of love & peace, and when we do, things happen.

In my chosen profession as a life worker & coach, I feel grateful to be able to experience people from all across the world, different races, different countries, different religions and all I know is that they all feel the same, we are all emotional beings full of love.

We don’t conquer, we would rather hug & talk. It always makes me reflect even more than that. Have you ever done the unforgiveable?

I experience this through others stories, all the time as a coach.

We all take events from our lives and at times deem them ‘unforgiveable’, because that’s the way people around us at times want us to feel. They want us to feel little because that makes them feel powerful.

Yet what action could be called ‘unforgiveable?’

Maybe in my eyes a murderer, a rapist, an abuser or a sexual predator would be someone who is unforgivable.

But then who am I to judge who can be forgiven or not?

I believe that everyone has a story to tell.

What is your story?

Do we all only have one story?

Or is our life a culmination of little stories that are woven together?

And are all the times in our life that we often deem insignificant, where we feel like we are doing nothing, an unfolding of another story?

I love moments in life reflecting on these thoughts.

And I love moments in time connecting with people like all of you ☺

It makes me extremely happy….I believe it’s because of the emotion, the power and beauty that exists when we come together in rooms like LYBL HQ.

The possibility of what we can do when we open our hearts & souls.

The level of intellect, love, camaraderie and support in the that one room was a place where my heart and soul feels at home, for when we are, I realize that together in our stories, our journeys and most of all in our time of need, we are all one.

Yours in life,

Michele x

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