We are going LIVE on Channel 9 tomorrow morning, Saturday, 4 February at 8:20am on Weekend Today.

As part of our LYBL Youth program we are assisting parents to prepare their children for entry into society as well as giving young adults the confidence and the stepping stones to begin to live life on their terms.

Moving out of the house after school is a big event in a young persons life.

Research reveals more and more young adults in Australia, are still living at home well into their 20’s.

Findings show that critical growing stages occur when our children fly the coop so if they never leave the nest they are missing out on many critical learnings for this stage of their life.

Of course living at home provides a safe environment but the result is they are left feeling alone, depressed and scared that they will not survive in the big world.

To find out more Michele Jones will be live talking about this issue tomorrow morning at the Channel 9 studio.

We are so proud of you Michele in your amazing ability to provide support and guidance to assist parents and young people that find themselves in this situation.

Please show your support in the comments below, lets all rally together as the LYBL family in celebration to the mission

to empower people to design, create, live their best life!

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