Did you know that 75% of the population desire to run their own business?

Did you also know that only 25% of the population will do what’s required to do so?

Over 26 years of leading, coaching & supporting over 600 people around the world to develop, create, launch & expand their businesses I’d be crazy if I’d not noticed the patterns that enable people to achieve their own version of success.

There are many different models that empower people to reach their ultimate vision & life’s dream.

However…I do believe to keep this simple it can be captured through the essence of 3 simple concepts that are not always easy for the 75% of people who dream to run their own business and of the 50% who never will….will never do.

PASSIONIf it doesn’t make you emotional – you will never go the distance.

Quite often I refer to this as your “why” factor…your purpose.

If it lacks in emotion then it’s simply not compelling enough to make you get up every day & get to work.

I always find it ironic that most people in business tend to talk about not allowing their emotions to get in the way.

No wonder they aren’t succeeding!

PRODUCT If you have nothing to sell, then you don’t have a business!

Your market will be attracted to you by the quality products you can provide them to solve their problems & challenges.

Your product must provide the answers & their reasons to buy from you.

But also don’t underestimate that many people only buy from you because you are the product they are buying into.

As a business leader you are often your businesses most valuable asset & product.

People buy into you over & above your products.

PLAN Most businesses fail because they lack a solid foundation & structure which brings clarity of forward movement in order to gain momentum.

Business is generally about duplication & replication – so if people can’t follow you then there is no point in leading them.

People often need the certainty, trust & belief to take the steps to grow or evolve themselves or any business.

A plan allows for imperfect action if they trust your leadership.

Having no plan generally leads to inaction.

And believe me – nothing gets built without action.

I’ve been on a mission now for 26 years to inspire & lead people in business.

I find a major contributor to people not living their best life or connecting to that best version of themselves that is within them is because they get caught up in dumb things that become their excuse.

So, for those of you sitting in the 75% of the population who desire to run a business but aren’t then I encourage you to assess yourself on the 3 P’s!

* Connect to your PASSION* Develop or find the best PRODUCTS * Consistently work to a solid PLAN

It’s simple….not always easy & not always obvious!!

But I promise to the 25% of the population who dare to go there….you won’t be disappointed if you are prepared to trust….trust the process….trust your coach….sell out to your own dreams.

You will find it’s worth more than anything you could have ever imagined, you will find yourself again through the process & things you never dreamt of when you started out will become the things that matter most.

You’ve got to sell out to your dreams & show up every day if you want what most people will never have & aren’t prepared to do.

You’ve got to bring your P-FACTOR!

The people you lead deserve it….

And you & you’re family are so worth it….




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