If you’re questioning if you’re on your right career path?

Or if you’re living your life’s purpose?

Or perhaps, you’re simply confused or unsure then here’s a little way to uncover your true purpose.

Look to the people around you for clues…

We often encourage you to listen to yourself and ignore the assumptions and expectations of others.

But, in the name of finding your lucrative purpose, this is one place we are inviting you to listen to what others say.

The light switch that could uncover your lucrative purpose is through the clues that may have been thrown into your path by other people.

There is so much wisdom to be gleaned from those who know you and love you.

Sometimes, when you are unable or unwilling to hear your own wisdom, your friends may be shouting it at you.

Have you ever had several people say you would be well suited to a specific career or trade?

Well-meaning friends, relatives, colleagues, even strangers, are sometimes moved to make comments like “You should be a model” or “You’d make a great lawyer”.

Often, we brush off such statements as trivial compliments, but perhaps we should learn to take heed.

If you have been hearing the same theme over and over from different people, maybe it’s time to pay attention. Others may not exactly be pointing out the perfect road for you, but what they are seeing may reflect a clue as to what would really bring you joy in life.

For example, a teacher is someone who facilitates learning for others. If people have seen you as a potentially good teacher, this doesn’t necessarily mean you’re meant to be in a classroom. This could apply to whatever you are doing now, such as giving a presentation in your current job or mentoring someone on your team.

It could be that you are supposed to merely raise the volume on using teacher-like talents and see where that leads you.

Listening to others is another way of letting your world speak to you, instead of demanding answers all the time from your circumstances.

The people around you are reflecting you.

How they do so gives you yet another way of uncovering your lucrative purpose.

Be present and pay attention Best Lifer – the answers are already within.

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