Leadership of Self & Others in Health & Wellbeing
for ultimate success in 2024.

No matter if you are a single person looking after yourself or a high level CEO like myself, looking out for the wellbeing of a multi-million dollar organisation, one thing I know for sure through my own personal journey of Health & Wellbeing is that your health IS your wealth, without it you can suffer.

So here we are with the energy of a new year and an opportunity to take stock and focus in on how you choose do life this year, and more importantly who you choose to ‘be’.

What standards will you commit to that matter?

Do you need to raise the bar slightly this year, lift a heavier weight, take on more responsibility, well this is your opportunity to get game fit.

Who are you going to be by the end of 2024, who do you need to be to fulfil those dreams? What do you need to do? Who do you need to be? Who are you deep down and what parts of you are simply waiting to be seen or activated? What will you have in your life to show you that you have achieved your goals and finally my favourite, what will you give back as a result to others?

Here is a very powerful coaching model we love using at LYBL the Be, Do, Have, Give

Start with what you want to HAVE. Identify exactly what you want to have, seeing it, feel it, imagine already having it. What would you be telling yourself once you have it or have achieved the results you want. Consider yourself and consider others.

When setting goals do you go straight to the DO part of the model? This is what you have to do; the tasks and actions steps to achieve the desired outcome.

Just focusing on what you want to have and what you want to do, is not always the way to achieve success. This approach can be why you haven’t achieved all your goals yet.

We usually get the call at LYBL that you want to engage with a coach to help you achieve the results you can’t seem to reach on our own. A coach helps you go beyond your own expectations and can help you get the results you have been longing for.

How do we do that with you? Well we also consider the ‘human’ element to each of us living our dreams… and that means we also need to consider how we are intrinsically motivated.

We ask deeper question’s like:

“Who are you becoming or who do you need to BE, in order to achieve your goal?” 
“Who do you authentically need to be?”
“Who are you at your core?”
When we put a focus on our personal growth and development we have a higher likelihood of staying on track to our goals, to also enjoy the journey more and keep ourselves accountable with commitment no matter the life challenges that show up during our time to achieving the goal.
It’s the difference between being interested or committed. Someone who is committed shows an ability to embrace uncertainty and exemplifies resilience no matter the obstacles that arise on the journey. They also have behavioural flexibility to adjust priorities and timelines mid journey to stay on track and not drop the ball completely. These kind of people are response-able and take personal accountability for not just results but also lack thereof.
WHO do you need to BE, to DO the steps ahead of you?

The BE question must be asked first to determine your state of being in achieving your desires.

It is who you are, not what you have or what you do, that drives influence.

Then bring in the topic of what a human actually needs to feel fulfilment. When we have achieved our goals and our needs are met, then comes the moment of truly wanting to GIVE back. It is like your cup is full, so full it is overflowing and you can’t help but want to then give to others as result or pay forward more of your resources, wisdom, time and focus to others.

How will you give back once receiving you goal?

To begin with the end goal in your mind first, the large metaphorical mountain you have to climb to reach your destination changes dramatically. Who will you enjoy the view with when you get to the top?

I now invite you to overlay this model into your 2024 Health & Wellbeing Vision for 2024.

Begin with the end in mind… 

If you were at your level of 10/10 in your leadership of self and others how will you care for mind, body & spirit this year?

Will you start the year also considering others if you have a team to look after, how does their wellbeing come into your plans and actions?

If you are a team leader or own your own company, if you have a family you care for, how will your Health & Wellbeing goals serve those around you so you can in true LYBL style, care awesomely?

Big love



Michele Jones

Founder of the LYBL – Live Your Best Life Movement

Amazon Best Selling Author

International Professional Master Coach

Yours In Best Life Living…
Michele & The LYBL Team

Live Your Best Life, 15 Sara St, Toronto NSW 2283, Australia


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