Nurturing Organisational Wellbeing: A Leadership Imperative in the Thrive Stars® Era.

Dear Leaders, Directors, and Managers,

As we continue our tradition with our monthly focus, we arrived at January which is devoted to our Wheel of Life area of Health & Wellbeing and then moved onto Career and Business for the month of February.

Yes, I know, where on earth did January go?

2024 appears to be moving into a slip stream as we gather our flow and roll with all it has in store for us.

And here we are, as we find ourselves navigating the dynamic landscape of leadership in the 21st century, where one thing becomes abundantly clear – the essence of leadership transcends mere hierarchical roles.

‘It’s about ushering in a new era where the cornerstone of success lies in the health and wellbeing of not just individuals, but the entire organisation.’

I’m Michele Jones, your guide and Master Coach at LYBL – Live Your Best Life, and today, we embark on a journey toward thriving leadership, focusing on the heart of your business – it’s health and wellbeing.

In the realm of leadership, we often find ourselves standing at the crossroads of traditional principles and modern ideologies. Embracing concepts like spiral dynamics, values pendulum, human evolution models and core leadership principles that have proven pivotal in our pursuit of sustained success.

It’s about leading not just with authority, but with compassion, foresight, and an unwavering commitment to the holistic health of your team and organisation.

The Thrive Stars® initiative, born from the visionary minds of the Thrive Stars team lead by Michelle Crawford from Being More Human and AJ from Alexandra Joy brings alignment with a Treasury department focus that was released here in Australia, and presents to us a revolutionary framework – “Measuring What Matters.”

To become a 5 Star (Thrive Star) Organisation the pillars to focus on are:

  1. Culture
  2. Inclusion
  3. Wellbeing
  4. Productivity
  5. Sustainability

Thrive Stars® national vision, is inspiring people to thrive in Career & Business
across Australia.

Thrive Stars® is an integrated 5 Star Rating Measurement journey across:

  1. Employee Data
  2. Client Feedback
  3. Independent Audits
  4. Existing Metrics & Data

The Mission for Thrive Stars is empowering organisations to clarify their purpose, and a means to assess their progress against that purpose.

Thrive Stars do this by:

  1. Making doing good business more visible
  2. Connecting businesses to their impact on people through data and insights
  3. To cataylse and increased Gross National Prosperity (GNP)

The big problem that Thrive Stars is looking to solve is a 37% of GDP leaking out of businesses each year in Australia, across the following areas.

  • Mental Health
  • Burnout
  • Bullying
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Social Exclusion
  • Disengagement
  • Absenteeism
  • Workplace Stress
  • Staff Turnover
  • Injury & illness
  • Insomnia
  • Workplace conflict

It’s a clarion call for leaders to shift their focus from conventional metrics to a more nuanced approach that encapsulates the health and wellbeing of the organisation. As leaders, it is our duty to recognise that a thriving workplace is not only productive but also emotionally intelligent and socially responsible.

Let’s delve into the crux of this paradigm shift.

Spiral dynamics, a concept propounded by Clare Graves, reminds us that organisational culture evolves through various stages, each demanding a unique leadership approach. Our role is to shepherd this evolution, understanding the pulse of our teams and guiding them toward greater cohesion.

The values pendulum swings incessantly, and in the midst of this oscillation, modern leaders must anchor their organisations in enduring principles.

Adaptability, inclusivity, and purpose-driven leadership emerge as beacons, cutting through the noise and fostering a culture where everyone feels valued and connected.

Core leadership principles, too, take on a contemporary hue.

It’s no longer just about command and control; it’s about collaboration and empowerment.

A leader’s success is no longer measured solely by financial outcomes but by the overall health and wellbeing of the organisational ecosystem – a thriving workplace where innovation, diversity, and resilience flourish.

Now, let’s bring this concept closer to home.

Your organisation is not merely a machine but a living entity with its own pulse.

The Thrive Stars® initiative encourages you to measure what truly matters – the emotional health of your team, the inclusivity of your workplace, and the sustainability of your practices.

It’s about recognising that a thriving workplace is not a luxury; it’s a strategic imperative.

So, as you embark on this journey, remember that leadership is not a solitary pursuit.

It’s about fostering a community, a thriving ecosystem where every individual is not just a resource but a vital contributor to the overarching mission.

Let’s lead with compassion, courage, and a commitment to the health and wellbeing of our organisations, for in doing so, we are not just leaders – we are the architects of a better, thriving future.

Live Your Best Life,

Michele Jones 💓

Founder of the LYBL – Live Your Best Life Movement

Amazon Best Selling Author

International Professional Master Coach

PS: Please reach out if you or your organisation are interested to learn more about the Thrive Stars initiative and how you can get started and I will connect you directly to the brains trust who are leading the charge and pioneering this incredible development.

I am personally & professionally motivated & inspired to see how this challenges our current status quo and to see people rising up to create this much needed change.

These photos are from the ‘Culture is the Strategy Summit’ event in 2023 that Michele attended.

This started the journey where Thrive Stars was first introduced,

and to soon be rolled out across the businesses of our most loved clients.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed individuals 

can change the world.In fact, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Margaret Mead

2024 has begun,

and with it is the chance to ignite the Visionary Leader within you.

As a gift from Michele, here is your downloadable Vision Statement.

Yours In Best Life Living…
Michele & The LYBL Team

Live Your Best Life, 15 Sara St, Toronto NSW 2283, Australia


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