Michele Jones

Procrastination… how to beat it.

Excuses make today easy, but tomorrow harder. Discipline makes today hard, but tomorrow easier.

Getting your sh*! together requires a high level of honesty to yourself… there isn’t anything easy about realising you’re the one who’s been holding you back.

The first step is to admit to yourself that you’re procrastinating so you can recognise and declutter any bad habits that are currently wasting your time.

The next step is to instead trying to reach the end goal by tomorrow – chunk out any goals and just get clear on your right next step.

Take that first step and then take the next… and the next.

Before you know it that big thing you thought you’d never achieve is complete.

I saw a tweet recently that said “Good news, guys. That task I’ve been putting off for the last 16 months took me a whole 20 minutes to complete from start to finish.” and I giggled a bit because I’m sure a lot of us can resonate with this in one way or another.

And so I wanted to share this tip with you all that I’ve found has been working amazing for many things. You can use this for so many different things for example – if you’ve set yourself a challenge of waking up earlier but your usually a late riser and you’re struggling to make the switch, or if you’ve set an intention to start going to the gym but you keep skipping days or anything else that your procrastinating on – this will work well.

I recently learnt this method of interrupting negative thought pattern when it comes to overthinking and procrastination.

I will call it the count down from 5 method.

Anytime you notice yourself going to press snooze on that alarm, or an afternoon on the lounge when you said you’d go to the gym or overthinking whatever the task at hand in your life then interrupt your thinking by counting down from 5 and doing the thing you said you’d do.

Instead of hitting snooze, count yourself down.. 5..4..3..2..1… and get yourself up out of bed.

Instead of siting on the lounge, count yourself down and get yourself to your mode of transport to the gym.

This little trick is working wonders for me and I trust it works wonders for you, too.

Happy goal hitting Best Lifer!


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