When someone like Tony Robbins asks you, “So, what do you do?”, it connects you to your passion & purpose in an instant.

It’s in that moment in time that you realise whether you were born to be an Artist/Producer, a Manager/Leader or an Entrepreneur/Risk Taker.

My cheeky self wanted to say…..”I do, what you do Tony”

My even cheekier self wanted to say….’I’m just waiting for you to retire!’ LOL

(Said of course in complete adoration for a man that has impacted & influenced me my entire life!)

But what was the truth for me in this moment?

When I truly looked deeply within & connected to all of my planes – the physical, mental, the spiritual – this is what came out.

“I empower people to move forward in business & life, so that they realise they have all that they need to design, create & live their best life.”

“Oh wow”, he said – “Tell me more?”

“Well Tony, you see, it’s because I believe that they not only deserve to live their best life, I believe they were born to, and sometimes all people need is to learn how to release themselves from their own limitations.”

“Well, then”, he said – “It sounds like you will leave LOVE as your greatest legacy”

“YES Tony – yes, that is the plan!”


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