That time where we spotlight a Best Lifer and showcase how they are living their own version of their best life.

This time we are showcasing Chantelle.

It’s been a pleasure watching Chantelle take the wisdom from the Blueprints and take action towards implementing them into her life. She has grown immensely since first coming on board and we look forward to where she goes on her best life journey.

Here is what Chantelle has shared with us, in her own words:

“Hi, my name is Chantelle I am a 24 year old Aussie living Western Australia. I love to garden and be outside, I love the mornings and getting up early to go to the gym. I have a bright bubbly personality, I am loyal, honest (probably too much), creative, stubborn, assertive and adventurous.

Living my best life to me means:

Finishing the things I started, such as planned goals, aspirations and dreams.

Trusting myself completely, no second guessing my decisions or procrastinating them anymore.

No internal bullying.

Controlling my temper and recognising different triggers.

Traveling more freely.

More plants and home grown veggies.

Living without fear of loss.

Having an abundance mindset.

Earning more and working less.

Expressing more love and gratitude.

I have learnt that once you start to change your internal dialogue and become more consciously aware you start to set clearer boundaries with yourself and the world around you, this in turn changes your environment.

You start to ask for more and become grateful for more, you stop taking things so personally. Then you find yourself saying ‘no’ to the things/people that no longer align with you, you start to feel your energy come back from those places where you compromised yourself for so long.

I have learnt how to ask myself more questions when making decisions and following my feelings/intuition. I have also become more consciously aware of the thoughts in my head good and bad, when they are good I turn that voice up more and smile. When they are bad I either ask a question or let it go. Something so simple yet affective as it helps me make clearer decisions and let go of anxious thoughts faster.

This program is like playing a game of pass the parcel, you don’t know what you’re going to get under each layer but each round gets you more excited for what lies underneath.

It’s enjoyable, fun and exciting. Take the plunge because either way, you won’t lose, you will walk away with a gift or many from each blueprint.

It’s been a great adventure, I love the supportive community from LYBL and the coaches like Michele and Tegan. These women are so wise and its really inspiring to see them create this community and nurture it with all their love. I’m so grateful to be apart of it.”


Thanks so much for sharing with us Chantelle!

We are truly enjoying watching you grow and flourish and cannot wait to see you continue to beam your light and live your best life, now and always.

Want to join us on an adventure of a lifetime? Check out ‘Your Best Life Blueprint™’ Here →

I simply cannot wait to see more people taking a chance on themselves and seeing them flourish into best life living.

Big Love





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