What if I told you, that you could design, create and truly live your best life simply by connecting to your inner truth?

The first step to connecting deeper to your soul is your awakening.

For this month we want you to actually take a step back, and just BE.


While ever you are just “being” so to speak – you’re taking that moment to quieten your mind, enjoy your surrounds, notice your breath and simply enjoy your own life journey, finding something to be grateful for in every moment.

Even those blessings in disguise that often come in big black boxes of dark times of deep learning.

As humans, we are either vibrating at a lower or higher frequency and by being in the present moment, and truly appreciating it for what it is, it will place our vibration into those of higher frequencies such as joy, love, willingness, courage, gratitude and such, all beyond who we think we are is made possible when we vibrate at those higher frequencies.

So for spirit and soul – we will also be tapping into the soul fulfilling teachings that radiate those higher frequencies like meditation and journaling, dancing or simply being out in nature.

Dropping our wisdom on tapping into your inner soul guidance and intuition.

When you ascend down a path of spiritual awakening – you will view the world around you in a different light.

Your awakening is the first stage in starting to dig and reconstruct your life.

This is where you will face up & start to let go and free your limiting beliefs from controlling your life.

I truly believe that we do not actually create abundance, when your eyes have been opened abundance is always present. We are already whole and complete in every way with everything available to us. We only ever create limitations on ourselves, so this months spirit and soul focus will allow you to unfold what those limits you’re putting on yourself are.

For some, going down this path can be super uncomfortable at times – and while we’d love to tell you it’s going to be an easy and enjoyable journey, we’re going to be straight up with you.

It’s not always easy…

Discovering your truth and becoming aware will change everything for you.

Even something so small like a trip to the grocery store will feel like a whole different experience when you live life from the state of truth.

And while this journey can be confronting & uncomfortable for some – I promise it’ll be the most fulfilling and magical journey you ever embark on.

Commitment to your truth and awakening means you are willing to remove false reality bubbles in your life by placing complete trust in you and your place in the universe.

Are you ready to believe in YOU?

Are you ready to acknowledge your limitations, reprogram your thinking and start living from a place of complete joy, peace & love?

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