Hey Best Lifer,

Today is Flashback Friday, and with that I felt compelled to share my story on how I went from over $300K in debt on my death bed to financially free & living my best life in my healthiest form.

$329, 736.79

I still remember staring at that figure like it was yesterday. 

I was $329, 736.79 in DEBT!

It seemed like such a bittersweet pill to swallow…

Here I was having survived cancer after an 8 year battle & all I had to show for it was ME. 

I had made it to the other side…but for what purpose? 

At the time even the gift of life didn’t feel like the reward when I saw what seemed like a path of destruction left behind me.

I felt like I had been climbing the mountain for so long, I wasn’t even sure if I had it in me energetically to continue the journey. 

I had once felt like I was winning at the so called ‘game of life’ prior to my diagnosis, and here I stood with this big gaping hole of financial debt seemingly screaming at me, ‘was it really worth living for this?’

I must admit, there were days when I did wonder if it was. 

But boy, was I wrong, my true healing journey started on the other side of this mountain, cleaning up the mess that had become my life. 

That was the true gift. 

The gift of my own deep inner knowing that my life had to become my medicine to truly heal. 

This would mean changing just about everything in my life at the time. 

I learnt something that most people aren’t prepared to do, until they are truly sitting rock bottom or having been faced with their own mortality. 

At the time of my struggle, I never once believed I would die, because I felt there was so much life to live. 

That I had so much more to give. 

And so, I got to work…

Something inside me clicked.

I realised in this moment that when your ‘why’ is big enough, the ‘what’ will always take care of itself. 

I got fiercely intentional. 

And it all started with this old-school ledger book. 

I called it…”My Journey to Financial Freedom – Michele Jones”

I cut out a quote I had found by Eric Butterworth & pasted it on the very front page…it read.

“Prosperity is a way of living and thinking, not just money or things. Poverty is a way of living and thinking, and not just a lack of money or things.”

They say that change can happen in an instant, and it certainly did for me. 

There was no way past just surviving, I had to connect back to myself again and this big gaping hole was telling me it had to start with becoming financially fit. 

I decided I needed to understand where my money was going to truly find my way back to me again. 

And so began my daily relationship with this ledger book. 

Little did I know that it would become one of the most important journeys of my life to date. 

Next to Eric’s quote, I added my own. 

“If my outgo exceeds my income, then my upkeep will be my downfall”

For you see, I never once believed I would die at this time despite Doctors telling me to get my affairs in order. 

I wasn’t ready to. 

I was born with a mission in my heart that was already etched into my soul. 

That mission is my strong belief that we’re all here to express our own soul’s mission so that we live our best lives. 

It’s as simple yet complex as that. 

I promise you that this journey starts with a single decision.


Your decision. 

It really is a choice and you get to decide in an instant if you’re prepared to take this inward journey to connect to your own inherent wisdom and the gifts that you were born with simply residing there waiting to be expressed. 


I know it’s not always easy, it wasn’t really meant to be, that’s the gift that is hiding inside many a black box, but I promise you beyond measure that it’s so so so worth it. 

You truly do get to decide. 

You’re so worth it. 

Yours in best life living…




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I trust I will see you on the inside Best Lifer!


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