Are you living your Best Life?

Or is life just happening to you, washing over you like ocean waves (and often battering you against the rocks)?

Are you swept up with the current, at the mercy of your environment rather than steering the boat to where you want to go?

Perhaps your life is zipping by too quickly and you feel stuck in an unfulfilling status quo… and it’s getting hard to keep pretending that everything’s fine.

And you’re hungry for change.

You know you deserve to live your best life… you just need to find your way forward.

That’s where we come in.

The LYBL movement unites people like you from all around the world. People who are taking control of their lives, bringing themselves back to a place of balance, and living as the best version of themselves they can be.

In this section of the wheel of life we are taking it up a notch with what believe is often the missing puzzle piece in people’s lives.

It’s time to Live Your Best Life!

Through spiritual practices such as meditation, yoga, gratitude, journalling, visualisation and simply just BEING you are able to manifest your desires at a much faster rate.

Everything you need is within you right now, so allow yourself to activate your true potential and illuminate your life.

Together we can close the gap between the life you’re living now, and the life you truly desire and know is the one you’re meant to be living.

Let’s dive into my favourite spiritual practices designed to help you to live in the here and now and allow for your ideas to percolate and be brought to you from your source of infinite knowledge.

Generally speaking, allowing your mind time to become quiet and for you to be still is giving yourself the permission you need in order to bring to life your best ideas.

These teachings, generally spent alone or in union with others around you practicing mindfulness can quite literally change you’re life and the more you practice them, the more natural they become to you and before you know it you’re finding yourself calm amongst chaos and situations that used to trigger you.

Be more resourceful.

Be more focused.

Be more empowered. 

Be more aligned. 

Be more impeccable about how you are operating as a human being. 

If you already indulge in these practices, then we encourage you to simply just turn it up a notch for this month, and if you’re a newbie then we encourage you to start small and build upon a daily practice as it become easier and more natural for you.

With our spirit and soul tips coming to you over the coming days and weeks, we trust that by the end of the month you’ll notice a dramatic change within your mindset, your mood, your motivation, your creativity & everything else in between. 

Big love

Michele & The LYBL Team



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