We’re officially hitting mid year! Welcome to June Best Lifers, the month of the year we put the spotlight on our finances & wealth segment of our Wheel of Life.

Money, at its very essence is simply, yet powerfully, all about ENERGY.

Energy you are capable of tapping into.

Everyone on this planet is.

Over the years of working with thousands of people from all over the world, I’ve come to be aware of the common patterns that emerge when it comes to manifesting more abundance and attracting more money into ones life.

So what is it that tends to block someone from attracting wealth?

What I’ve noticed is that people tend to think they’ll have to change something about themselves in order to be wealthy.

Which yes, in some ways change will happen.

But the truth is they are being held back by a false sense of fear.

What if I told you that you CAN be who you are and what you aspire to be AND you can also be rich?

Money just enhances who you are.

It does not change anything about your true self and soul.

So LEAN into yourself & all that you are as abundance emerges from within.

Give yourself permission to be who you really are without holding back.

Whatever it is that you love about yourself now and desire to keep, you can still be & have with money.

Get excited about what’s possible for you.

The more you tap into that energy and the more you can reflect on money & your relationship with it – the more things shift and start to happen.

So get ready, for this month, we will be sharing our top tips around your finances and wealth and how to call more of it in.

The LYBL Team x

PS. If you want to really take your finance health up a notch in the fastest way possible, our 21 Day Manifesting Challenge has the tools and resources you need to call in more wealth & abundance. Others who have taken this challenge have reported back with wins sometimes before even finishing all of the juicy content inside! Check it out here → https://www.lybl.com.au/21daymanifestingchallenge/


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