Embracing the Intrinsic Link Between Health & Wellbeing

Hey there, fellow Best Life Enthusiast!

It’s Michele, your cheerleader for embracing a life filled with vitality, joy, and purpose.

Today, we embark on a journey of self-discovery, exploring the profound connection between our health and wellbeing and how it harmonises all the other planes in the magnificent wheel of life.

The Physical Plane: The Foundation of Our Journey

Ah, the physical plane, where our journey commences!

Picture your body as a vessel for your souls grand adventures. Nurturing your physical health isn’t about striving for perfection; rather, it’s about cherishing the incredible gift that is your body.

Feed it nourishing foods, keep it agile with movement, and shower it with restful sleep, along with the fruits of our focus last month of RELATIONSHIPS, where deep meaningful connection resides.

A deep connection with yourself & others actually makes us pay more attention to the physical body.

With a vibrant physical foundation, your life’s tapestry begins to weave itself with colours of boundless energy and vitality, an abundance of health and wellbeing lends itself to a life fully explored and expressed.

The Spiritual Plane:

Connecting with Your Inner Compass

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, it’s almost a non-negotiable requirement that you must nourish your spiritual self.

Our spiritual plane is like a compass that guides us towards our true north.

Explore practices that resonate with you, whether it’s meditation, prayer, or spending time in nature.

And yes, people do bang on about these for very good reason.

Try a life with and without, and then you can always challenge me on this one ?

Embracing spirituality allows you to connect with something greater than yourself, fostering a sense of purpose and calm amidst life’s storms.

The Mental Plane: Cultivating a Garden of Positivity

Dear seekers of a fulfilled life, your mental plane is a garden that needs the most tender of

It’s where you will find the biggest demons lurking and lingering in the shadows.

Cultivate a positive mindset and nourish it with empowering thoughts.

Banish self-doubt and replace it with self-belief.

Engage in lifelong learning, feed your curiosity, and watch your mind bloom with creativity and resilience.

Remember, a positive outlook not only enriches your mental plane but ripples outward, shaping your entire wheel of life.

The Emotional Plane: Embracing the Wholeness Within

Now, let’s delve into the emotional plane – the realm of our feelings and emotions.

Acknowledge that life isn’t always smooth sailing, and it’s okay to ride waves of emotions.

If you’ve been around the LYBL Campfire for a short time or a long time, you will no doubt have heard me say at one point or another, that life really isn’t about magical rainbows and unicorns.

Life is hard, it can be tough, it’s how we navigate it that is the journey.

Allow yourself to feel, process, and release.

Embrace vulnerability, for it is the key to forming meaningful connections with others, but mostly yourself and your place within the universe, as the universe.

When you embrace your emotions with authenticity, your emotional plane becomes a sanctuary of understanding, paving the way for profound connections with others.

The Interconnected Web: How Health & Wellbeing Unify the Wheel of Life

As you immerse yourself in this journey of health and wellbeing, you’ll notice the beautiful interplay between the planes.

A nurtured physical body amplifies your spiritual connection, enabling you to dive deeper into life’s mysteries.

A resilient mind empowers you to navigate challenges on the emotional plane, fostering enriching relationships.

Likewise, when you foster your spiritual and emotional selves, your physical and mental health thrive as well.

The wheel of life finds balance and harmony as each plane supports and enhances the others, creating a symphony of purpose, passion, and joy.

Building Your Best Life Living Toolkit.

There has never been a greater time than the days in which we’re living to equip your best life living toolkit with the treasures discovered on this journey.

Embrace each plane wholeheartedly, for it is the collective effort that nurtures a life well-lived.

1. A physical toolkit for a thriving vessel: A nourishing diet that most efficiently fuels your physical body, regular exercise, and self-care practices that honour your body’s needs.

2. A spiritual toolkit for finding your true north: Meditation, gratitude practices, and
moments of stillness that deepen your connection with the universe.

3. A mental toolkit for a positive mindset: Affirmations, journaling, and continuous
learning to cultivate resilience and an empowered perspective.

4. An emotional toolkit for embracing wholeness: Emotional intelligence, self-compassion, and open communication to foster meaningful connections with
yourself and others.

Remember that each toolkit is unique, tailored to your individual journey, hence why I coined the phrase many years ago, that it’s your own unique Best Life Blueprint.

Embrace these tools with love, intention, and an open heart, for they will guide you on a path of transformation and growth.

As you integrate the wisdom of health and wellbeing into your daily life, watch in awe as the once-separate planes of your wheel of life intertwine, creating a symphony of purpose, passion, and joy.

Embrace this journey with curiosity, and let it weave the most vibrant tapestry of your

Together, lets live our best lives, savouring every moment and celebrating the beautiful connection between health and wellbeing in this magical journey called life.

With big love and big inspiration…

Big love 

MJ ?

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